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Let’s Get Real – GOD TV’s Monday Night Chat Show

‘Let’s Get Real’ launched on GOD TV on Monday May 21st and can be seen exclusively on GOD TV for 15 weeks. (See the trailer above).

“We had a fantastic week filming in Manchester and we’re so excited to share this one with you,” says Samantha Stephen, UK Producer and Production Manager for GOD TV.

Comments from viewers who have previewed the first episode include:

  • “What a fantastic show! So much fun, wisdom and prophetic insights. Amazing Ladies 👏👏💕 – Alicia
  • “Can’t wait to see more, love the show” – Vickers 
  • “I loved it ❣👏👏👏✨✨✨✨🕊” – Kris

Each of the 15 episodes features British Christian leaders, men and women, discussing how we as believers can be more authentic in our walk with God and in our relationships with others.

Some of the topics discussed include: Faith at work, marriage, hearing from God, shame, being ourselves, who inspires us, body image, communication, fixing things, transition, mental health, defining moments, women leaders and identity.

Coming up on Let’s Get Real

  1. Let’s Get Real About: Being Real – Hosts, Sue Eldridge, Chris Larkin, Marj Rossol and Alison Wilson discuss what ‘Being Real’ means. Nancy Goudie shares her journey of faith through grief and speaks about New Generation Music.
  2. Let’s Get Real: Faith at Work – The panel discusses sharing one’s faith at work and what it means to be a woman of God in the workplace. Irene Nlandu talks about being single and godly and Krish Kandiah on the ‘strangeness’ of God.
  3. Let’s Get Real About: Marriage – Sue, Alison, Chris and Marj have an honest discussion about marriage, its ups and downs; making a marriage work; and what if it doesn’t? Tim Eldridge talks about the European Leaders Advance.
  4. Let’s Get Real: Hearing from God – Is that really God’s voice speaking to you or are you just hearing things? This week Sue, Chris, Marj and Alison discuss their experiences with hearing the voice of God. Writer and speaker, Esther Scholes shares her testimony of walking with God through tragedy..
  5. Let’s Get Real About: Shame – The panel dicusses shame and how it stops believers from fulfilling God’s call by shutting down their ability to reach others. Sarah Mhlanga talks about sharing her faith in the mainstream media.
  6. Let’s Get Real About: Being Myself – Sue, Alison, Preethy and Chris share how believers can walk out their God-given characteristics and personality under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Lynn Swart talks about the work of New Day United.
  7. Let’s Get Real: Who Inspires Us – The panel talks about people who’ve made a difference in their lives. Debra Green of ROC (Redeeming Our Communities) and Richard Gamble of The Wall share their passions and callings.
  8. Let’s Get Real About: Body Image – The panel has a frank discussion on body image, addressing questions like: “What do you think when you look in the mirror?” Rachel Cole shares how she gives banquets for the homeless.
  9. Let’s Get Real: Communication – Guest Host Cecie Wilson joins the panel to talk about her journey out of darkness and into the heart of God. Jo Frost of the Evangelical Alliance talks about being a working mom, communication and faith.
  10. Let’s Get Real: Fixing Things – The panel discusses the difficulties of balancing work, family, children, stress, church, ministry and how to find God as the source of balance. Bobbi Kumari talks about her book, Sacred Sexuality.
  11. Let’s Get Real About: Transition – The panel asks the question “How do you handle change?” They share their own stories of transition and how they coped in tough seasons of life. Lirika Davis talks about finding God in a Muslim family.
  12. Let’s Get Real: Mental Health  – Counsellor, life coach and pastor, Jayne Banful discusses mental health issues with the panel (Sue, Chris, Cecie and Alison) and why it is so important for Christians to address this subject.
  13. Let’s Get Real: Defining Moments  – “What made you the person you are today?” The panel discusses this question, sharing important life choices and how they can impact one’s walk with God. Leah Johnson talks about the Luv Esther Tour.
  14. Let’s Get Real: Women Leaders – The panel discusses whether women should lead, teach and hold positions of authority in today’s world. Nikki Groake, an Arch-Deacon in the Church of England, shares her experience as a female leader.
  15. Let’s Get Real About: Identity – The panel discuss: “Who am I? What shapes my identity?” They show that understanding God’s view of His people changes everything. Matthew Porter talks about his book, the A-Z of Discipleship.

Don’t miss Let’s Get Real on GOD TV on Mondays at 9.30pm with replays on air on Tuesday at 2 pm, Wednesday at 10 am and Fridays at 3 pm.

We will also be posting each new episode right here on GODTV.com so keep an eye out for new Let’s Get Real posts over the next 15 weeks.

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