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Letting Go Of Control

The crippling effect of abusive control.

Letting Go Of Control
Letting Go Of Control

Control is not difficult to understand as a concept. It is also important to governance in life in general. However, history is riddled from start to the present with the wrong use and abuse of control. Throughout history you read story after story of one individual over another, one organisation over another and one nation over another.

There is no such misuse or abuse in the Kingdom of Heaven. However, ungodly control has become deeply in embedded in leadership within much of the Church. It is so familiar to most of us and so entrenched that is remains largely unchallenged and unaltered.

Jesus is the model

It is time to eradicate the control of one person by another in God’s family. We all acknowledge the lordship of Jesus. He is the only one with the right to exercise “control.” Yet, interestingly, He chooses not to impose or demand but only ‘invite’ us into relationship and partnership with Him. What do you think that demonstrates?

In case you think this is not relevant to you and is a challenge solely for those with a “position”, status or title within organised Church – it’s not!  All of us have some influence with others so it all applies to each of us too. Consider who you influence and how?

Ask Holy Spirit to show you! First, are there any situations or relationships in your life where you are controlling another? How can you change that? Second, are there any situations or relationships in your life where someone else is “controlling” you?

Choose love

As believers we are asked by Jesus to love each other, to empower one another, to honour and serve each other. If you are in a position of influence then you are also called to facilitate others “coming to spiritual maturity”. Nowhere within His family can we justify control or manipulation of others – the means can never justify the end.

How can we break this tendency both in our own hearts and collectively as the family of God? By choosing love, just like Jesus modeled. Love trumps everything!

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