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Your Life: Consequence of the Choices You’ve Made or Truly Part of God’s Plan?

Your Life: Consequence of the Choices You’ve Made or Truly Part of God’s Plan?
Your Life: Consequence of the Choices You’ve Made or Truly Part of God’s Plan?

Do You Ever Wonder if Your Life is a Consequence of the Choices You’ve Made or Truly Part of God’s Plan?

At the risk of being vulnerable and transparent, I will share a bit of my story, because I believe my story is to be told so that others can see God’s glory!

Years ago, I downsized my home, cars, neighborhood to start a business. It was difficult on my marriage and family reducing down. It created a big lifestyle change and we had to buckle down financially. Like many start-ups, I had little direction, training, and no business mentor. The business did not launch.

For many years, I believed the house, neighborhood, and school that we downsized to was a setback. I lived with shame and guilt; confusion too because I thought I heard God calling, and disappointment in my lack of success, despite my enthusiasm.

One day at church, they asked if anyone wanted a prayer partner, to come up to the stage. I did not know any of the prayer partners so I just chose one, any one.

She prayed with me and when she finished, I looked at her name badge. She said her name was Cathy. I asked her what her last name was. She said, Foust.

My knees almost buckled! I said, ‘Are you related to Dorothy Foust?’. She looked bewildered, “Yes, they are my in-laws, my husband’s parents”. I almost fainted and I wept like a baby. ” I asked her… did they live at xxxxxx (address)?” She said, “Yes!”. I replied, “I live in your parent’s house!”

She asked me if I wanted to meet her husband. I excitedly accepted. She introduced me to Paul, a big 6’5″ burly man with a heart of an angel. Paul, with tears in his eyes, grabbed both of my hands and said, “I have to tell you something, Robin. That house had a lot of love in it.” I live in the exact house where Paul grew up! His childhood home. He asked me if we still had his mom’s rose bushes in the backyard, that she loved those rose bushes.

How could I have chosen a prayer partner out of the blue, and I live in their old house??? And they told me there was a lot of love in that house? BUT GOD…

Want to see God at work? BUT GOD!!!!

I thought my “setback” was a result of my choices, BUT GOD had prepared this home for my family all along! In the past few years, God has lit a fire in my belly so deep that I want to tell the world about His plans for them – that only He is our savior! I’ve had a chance to slow down in my life the past few years. God has used this time to equip me for the next journey in His Will for me AND to lead other leaders!

If you love this story, wish you could be around others who can help you see the opportunities that ‘set-backs’ are often times ‘set-ups’ for God’s next step for you, if consider yourself a leader and influencer of other people, I invite you to join our Christian Business Leaders International Monthly Mastermind Trainings.

It’s a community where shepherds come to be fed and leaders are educated, equipped and empowered with courage, clarity, and confidence! Go, God!

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