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Life-Giving, Encouraging Words from Justin Bieber

World famous singer-songwriter says God is willing to meet you wherever you’re at!

Life-Giving, Encouraging Words from Justin Bieber
Life-Giving, Encouraging Words from Justin Bieber

“Do you feel you have exhausted all options? Do you feel helpless? Do you feel like you’re never good enough? What if I told you that there’s a god that’s willing to meet you wherever you’re at? What if I told you He could take away your pain, shame, guilt, and fears. #Jesus.”

What encouraging, life-giving words. Do they sound like the ramblings of a rebellious young man, with a string of arrests, from dangerous driving to assault and vandalism? No, but we all have something in our past that we’re not proud of.

Could they come from a singer-songwriter known the world over for his good looks, great lyrics and beautiful songs? Yes, they could if that songwriter had experienced a radical encounter with God.

Yes, these are words straight from the heart of Justin Bieber – not as the global icon the world knows, but as an everyday believer sharing the love and grace of God to a world in desperate need of answers.

Justin posted these words on one of his social media accounts, acknowledging that “Jesus is changing me from the inside out every day!” Scrawled on a blackboard, in his own handwriting, they speak volumes.

These are words that say I care, and God cares, you don’t have to worry about your identify, you have a God-given identity. You are created in God’s image and He wants to meet you, in your own space. He is the answer to whatever problem you may be facing.

From Bieber to Believer

Justin’s transformation from rebellious teenager to believer is remarkable. We’ve heard about his baptism at Hillsong Church, seen him testifying at a benefit concert in Manchester and watched clips of him singing worship songs. 

Now he is a married man who has vowed to let Jesus guide his relationship with his wife, Hailey. (click for more) Plus there is talk that he will make a Christian album. It seems God is clearly moving in his life and we know that when God touches your life, He always has others in mind.

Thank you Justin for reminding us that God is willing to meet us wherever we are at. No matter how far gone we think we are, Jesus invites us to let Him in to our lives and when we do, He brings transformation.  He takes away all our pain, shame, guilt, and fears. 

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