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Little Boy Beats Coronavirus While Also Fighting Cancer

A miracle for a vulnerable child!

Little Boy Beats Coronavirus While Also Fighting Cancer
Little Boy Beats Coronavirus While Also Fighting Cancer

A 4-year-old little boy has beat coronavirus while also fighting against cancer.

Little Boy Beats Coronavirus

Archie Wilks found out he had cancer in January 2019. He had been undergoing chemotherapy and immunotherapy when he encountered another problem. He tested positive with coronavirus.

Despite the family’s effort to isolate themselves and protect Archie from the virus, the young boy still contracted the disease.

“But despite all the efforts, apparently Archie was still the first child oncology patient to be tested positive at Addenbrooke’s and potentially in the UK. Typical of Archie,” Simon Wilks, Archie’s father, said.

Childhood cancer

While in Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge for cancer treatments, Archie developed a fever. The medical staff suspected coronavirus so they quickly moved the young boy to a different ward.

His test results came back positive. Understandably, Archie’s parents were concerned.

“It was scary to be moved into the coronavirus ward as we had no real information about how a child in his position might cope with the virus,” Simon added.


However, Archie made an unexpected recovery! Doctors reported that the young warrior is well enough to stay in isolation at home.

He did still rely on oxygen to be able to breathe properly. But just a few days, his condition became better.

“Archie’s definitely out the other side of the virus with no cough and no need for oxygen,” Wilks family wrote in a Facebook post.

“It’s reassuring for other parents to see that a vulnerable child-like Archie has coped well so far with the virus,” Simon said. “But we obviously don’t want anyone thinking it’s a good idea to not worry about their children contracting it.”

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Reference: Mirror 

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