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Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream
Live Your Dream
Live Your Dream
Where is the richest place on this earth?
Let me tell you it’s not in the mansions, the yachts, fancy cars, celebrities and stars, nope,
it’s the grave yard
Where there are so many ideas never done, inventions never created,
books never wrote and dreams all die,
screaming out to be resurrected back to life
Dreams are never meant to die but live
We don’t want to be sitting on our death bed saying what if?
So take risk
So I got to ask you, are you living your dream ?
It can no longer go behind the scene
Your dream is bigger than you…
If someone never had a dream to build a hospital, where would you go when your sick?
And if someone never had a dream to build schools brick my brick where would your kids learn to read and write?
And if someone never had the right mind to dream of flying you couldn’t visit your distant relatives on an 8 hour flight
86400 seconds in a day, how many did you make count?
This is your life make it count
Don’t go to sleep to dream wake up to dream.
And let that dead end job become a job that’s dead.
If you dream ahead it could be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block
And when you have no emails and no one is on the phone,
Work at with all you got, be like a dog with a bone
This is not your lot
The painters aren’t great because they were great at birth,
the greats are great because they paint a lot
You have a dream so live it now
You don’t need be great to start but you need to start to be great,
So start now
If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe you will be successful
Flipping burgers and fries & waiting on tables can be it or the start of your story to success,
Everyone dies but not every one lives
So let you and your dream coexist
People will try put you in box, but boxes are not made for people,
they are made for products
So think outside the box or go even further
and think like there is no box
The only limits we have is the ones we put on ourselves,
so take your off  limits,
And be the unrealistic and not just another statistic
Its unrealistic to fly in a mental tube in the sky just like birds fly
or to flip a switch on and room lights up so let the lights go up
Flip the script so the book your reading, let someone read yours
The song your listening to, let someone hear you.
That business you buy from let someone buy from you
Coffee people drink let it be your roast.
The shirts people wear let it be from your fashion range,
or read your news article or go and see you in the movies,
or your band playing on stage
Whatever it may be you have to live this dream
Doubt your doubts
And fail as fast as you can so you can learn as fast as you can
Really failure can be free tuition
So don’t give up if your in this position
Look at Michael Jordan who was cut from his high school basketball team and showed the world how to fly with his dream
Walt Disney was fired from his job for lack of imagination
now his legacy inspires imagination
Across the the nation
The Beatles where told by record labels they didn’t like there sound
There music is still around and it’s all around
Albert Einstein was told he wouldn’t amount to much
And he couldn’t speak until he was 4
but wait there’s more
he went down as a genius in history and won a Nobel prize
Surprise yourself by living out your dream

© all rights are owned by Steven McLeish, Scripts may be performed in live performance if the event is free and the artist is “Steven McLeish’’ 

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