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Lives Are Being Transformed Through The Airwaves

"GOD TV saved me - I had no church, was in a remote area and really struggling - if it had not been for GOD TV I would not have survived" - Gail

Lives Are Being Transformed Through The Airwaves
Lives Are Being Transformed Through The Airwaves

The lighthouse that began shining the light of salvation 25 years ago in Great Britain is now reaching the nations of the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the saving, healing, delivering message of the Jewish Messiah. From Jerusalem, to Judea, to Samaria, to the ends of the earth, GOD TV is there, serving the church, preaching the Gospel, making disciples, and bringing hope to the lost all over the earth.together, we are fulfilling the Great Commission by taking the Gospel message to all creation. We call ourselves (You and I) Media Missionaries! What a joy, what a privilege to partner together, to see men and women from around the world come to know their saviour, be set free and experience the faithfulness, love and power of Jesus Christ.

In recognition of the past 25 years and with thanks to God we are asking you to join us once again. These days are even darker and life is certainly uncertain. People all over the world are feeling lost and without hope. Men and women everywhere are seeking truth, longing for love and are in search of salvation. The Gospel message is needed more urgently today than yesterday. The harvest is plentiful and people are ready to give their lives to the Lord like never before. Every day, we record salvations on our media platforms. Every day, we are seeing lives turned around. Every day, God’s children are being set free and delivered from the snare of sin.


Nina was severely depressed & decided to commit suicide, that same night God spoke to her whilst watching GOD TV and saved her life. UK

Gail says “GOD TV saved me – I had no church, was in a remote area and really struggling – if it had not been for GOD TV I would not have survived.” New Zealand

After Michael’s wife left, he became suicidal – He turned on GOD TV and immediately felt God’s peace. He gave his life to Jesus for the first time there and then. Australia

Anne had suffered with debilitating neck and leg pains, she prayed with GOD TV and immediately felt the Spirit move through her. She is now totally healed. Germany

John was a cocaine addict and alcoholic for over 30 years. He gave his life to God whilst watching GOD TV and has now been transformed. Sweden

Shirley was diagnosed with cancer, after she prayed with GOD TV, they could not find any cancer. She was and is healed completely. UK

Rachel had a breakdown and was not able to go to church, she considers GOD TV her lifeline and watched non-stop for 2 years. South Africa

Make A Difference In The World Today

To make the most of these opportunities that God has set before us today, we are setting a goal of raising the needed 25 million dollars throughout the next year. This money goes directly into the expansion of the Gospel and bringing increase to the GOD TV lighthouse.

Two of our precious partners have kicked this campaign off with a £25,000 match fund. This is a couple that have given multiple millions of pounds to GOD TV. A couple who could easily say they have done enough, but like us, are compelled to share the Gospel through media.

Your gift this month will make a huge impact with reaching our target and enabling us to reach more people than ever before. Additionally, because of this very special couple, your giving this month will be matched up to £25,000. That’s right, your gift this month is worth double to GOD TV and will literally go further and help us do more than ever before.

Give today and help us continue to spread the Gospel across the globe!


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