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Lizzie, Labeled The ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’, Was Lost Until She Watched “Overcomer”

"For this entire year I have felt lost, scared, vulnerable and ashamed."

Lizzie, Labeled The ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’, Was Lost Until She Watched “Overcomer”
Lizzie, Labeled The ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’, Was Lost Until She Watched “Overcomer”

In the past few years, Lizzie Velasquez rose to fame after sharing her story to TEDxAustinWomen Talk titled “How Do YOU Define Yourself”. This opened many amazing opportunities for her to share her story. She also garnered thousands of followers on her social media accounts. But little did we know that she was lost and struggling. Not until she watched the Christian movie “Overcomer”.

She Was Labeled the ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’ But God Turned Her into an Amazing Princess

Lizzie has inspired millions of people through her talks and YouTube vlogs. Many lives were encouraged in the book she wrote “Dare To Be Kind” which addresses self-acceptance, and love. She’s also a passionate advocate of anti-bullying. And she’s been doing this for over 10 years. However, things were still difficult for Lizzie.

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Lost And Scared

On August 8, she posted a transparent video on her YouTube account. In the video she broke down in a vulnerable moment with her followers. It was way out of the usual content she normally shows. And it has been five months since the last time she posted a video.

“I’m nervous,” Lizzie said.

Then she revealed the reason why she no longer posts anything about her life.

“It was a choice that I think I made because I just have been lost,” she admitted.

Then she continued saying, “For this entire year I have felt lost, scared, vulnerable and ashamed. I have felt so defeated.”

“Why am I feeling like this? Why is my life so different now? What’s been going on?” these are the questions Lizzie have always asked herself.

It wasn’t until she watched the faith-based film “Overcomer” that she was able to get breakthrough. 

Finding Hope Again

After watching the movie, her eyes were opened. “That movie is what has given me the courage and the reminder. And leading me to the answers that I’ve been searching for all year long,” she described while in tears.

Photo | YouTube – Lizzie Velasquez

Then Lizzie shared the greatest lesson she learned about the movie. And she started with asking herself, “Lizzie, who are you? I would say I’m a daughter, a friend, a dog mom. I’m a speaker. I’m an author”

“I think the answer I’ve been looking for is realizing that I have been allowing my successes and my accomplishments define me,” she continued. “Because I thought I’m not speaking as much or I haven’t come out with a new book yet. I’m not gaining all these followers like I used to. I lost who I was. I lost my identity in that.”

She then quoted one line from the movie, “When something other than Christ becomes our goal, our goal becomes our God.”

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A Life-Changing Movie For Lizzie

It was an eye-opener for her, “For me it’s so true. Everything else had higher importance to me than my faith.”

Lizzie realized that “Knowing that just because things have been different this year doesn’t mean that I am less than, doesn’t mean that I’m not good enough. Doesn’t mean that I’m never going to accomplish anything again. I keep reminding myself that God will always find a way to make you sit down until He’s ready for you to stand back up again.”

She described how the film changed her heart and gave her freedom. “But whatever happens next, it’s going to be because I put all of my faith and everything that I have back in Jesus. And it feels so good!”

Placing Your Worth In Christ Alone

And she ended her video leaving a word for her viewers, “When you find your identity in the One who created you, it will change your whole perspective.”

Just like we are a work in progress, Lizzie is too. There will be times in our life that we get distracted because of blessings but let us not forget to whom we belong. More than anything we gain in this world, nothing can compare to God. 


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