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I Lost My Job and I Didn’t Know What to Do: Amazing Things Happen When You Speak in Faith.

Speak in faith even when all hope seems lost

I Lost My Job and I Didn’t Know What to Do: Amazing Things Happen When You Speak in Faith.
I Lost My Job and I Didn’t Know What to Do: Amazing Things Happen When You Speak in Faith.

I Lost My Job.

Job searching is an interesting thing. There are all kinds of jobs.

· The dream job
· The job that pays the bills, while working towards the dream
· The no other option job
· The job that just kind of happened

From time to time, there will be a job that’s going well and out of nowhere come to discover, the company is closing, the position’s been removed, layoffs occur or some other scenario transpires.

Has this happened to you? Are you currently without a job? What’s your response to this new reality?

A couple of months ago a sister in Christ informed me via email that her husband was laid off. They have a toddler and at the time another on the way, which was just born Super Bowl Sunday. She was expressing concerns regarding finances and the challenges of providing for a family. It can be challenging to fight off anxiety, fears, and doubts. It happens to all of us.

While reading the email, I couldn’t help but smile and feel a little excited for her husband and the family. Having been in this same situation on multiple occasions for various reasons (being without a job), I knew God was up to something. Her husband didn’t particularly love the job. It wasn’t fulfilling for him or even paying very well.

My reply was simple, a prayer of faith.

“Praise the Lord! He didn’t lose his job, he’s getting a promotion. A better job with better pay! Watch. Lord, thank You for the NEW AND GREAT opportunity that’s just around the corner. Please open the doors quickly and let it be something he is truly fulfilled in, that pays beyond reason or expectation! In Jesus name. Amen. Thank You, Lord!” – written December 15, 2016

Things happen when you speak in faith!

Last night February 6, 2017, I received a tremendous praise report. Which read:

“Hi, Josh!

Just read your email aloud to my husband and we both cried because he did indeed get a promotion!

Our friend basically extended an opportunity to work at a new site opening May. It is a dream come true for him and we are so excited about what God is doing. Thank you for your prayer and belief!

Also in the hospital right now welcoming our son into the world – Julian 9 lbs 1 oz!”

God rewards faithfulness!

God is so good! He is faithful and terrific at answering our prayers. Sometimes He answers prayer in a way we would never imagine. It can be uncomfortable, with an uncertain future at the moment. Yet, He is always faithful to get us from point A, to point B, and so on.

In this example, the old job barely paid well enough for the three of them, much less the new addition to the family. The Lord needed to take that job away and replace it with a better one. Now he has a job that pays more and will be more fulfilling. On top of that, he was able to be available for his wife, helping prepare for their baby boy and get things more settled than they might have otherwise had the opportunity for.

A Biblical example

Think about Joseph in the book of Genesis. He needed to be wrongfully accused and put in prison, to meet Pharaoh’s servants and interpret their dreams. Certainly, Joseph had to sort out his life circumstances and probably felt the pain of injustice. No one wants to be thrown in jail, much less being innocent and thrown in jail. Ultimately, God used that terrible scenario of being put in prison to position him rightly to rule all of Egypt – which was his calling and destiny.

Are you without a job currently? Praise the Lord! How is God positioning you to receive those unanswered prayers?

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

This article was written by Joshua Paul, an entrepreneur, and published author.

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