You Can Play a Huge Part in Helping Asia Find God's Love: Love Asia | GOD TV

You Can Play a Huge Part in Helping Asia Find God’s Love: GOD TV Love Asia

Love Asia to air on GOD TV in July

You Can Play a Huge Part in Helping Asia Find God’s Love: GOD TV Love Asia
You Can Play a Huge Part in Helping Asia Find God’s Love: GOD TV Love Asia

GOD TV Love Asia

Do you have a heart for the nations?

Have you heard of the 10/40 Window? Has God been speaking to you about becoming a missionary to a faraway place? Perhaps you’ve read the book of Revelation and can picture ‘The Great Multitude in White Robes’ that chapter 7 speaks about?

God loves all people, whoever they are or wherever they come from and so should every believer. Revelation gives us a glimpse of Heaven, describing “A great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language” standing before God’s throne. What a glorious picture!

Clearly, each and every person is welcome in God’s Kingdom no matter what language they speak, what ethnic background they have, or what country they come from. There is only one qualification for Heaven… we must accept Jesus as Lord, for He alone has the power to reconcile us to God.

And they sang a new song, saying: ‘You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation’.” (Revelation 5:9)

Many have yet to hear this message of salvation and for believers in the West, this means we must do more to reach out to people especially in the 10/40 Window and share the Good News of the Gospel.

The 10/40 Window

This is the geographic region between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator that has the least access to Christianity. It is where about two-thirds of the world’s population lives and an area of terrible poverty. Encompassing North Africa and most of Asia, it is predominantly Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist and many governments are opposed to Christian work of any kind. Despite these challenges GOD TV, as a global network is dedicated to touching these nations with the Gospel.

Following Bless Israel in January and Mission Africa in April we now present Love Asia this July targeting some of the most under-reached countries on earth.

Recorded in different regions of the world, Love Asia aims to inspire viewers to help impact countries from India to Nepal, Sri Lanka to Thailand through the power of the media. The five-part broadcast will be aired as follows.

Love Asia

Love Asia – 1: GOD TV’s Ward Simpson and Asia Regional Director Thomas Robinson share their hearts to reach the people of Asia, along with Nathan Morris of Shake the Nations and Nasir Sidikki of Wisdom Ministries.

Love Asia – 2: Ward Simpson, Thomas Robinson and Evangelist Nathan Morris of Shake The Nations discuss the Great Commission, with testimonies of changed lives.

Love Asia– 3: Ward Simpson and Thomas Robinson look at GOD TV’s impact in Asia, with a message from Paul Thangiah of Full Gospel Assemblies of God in Bangalore.

Love Asia – 4:  Ward Simpson and Steve Beik chat to Nasir Sidikki of Wisdom Ministries, a former Muslim, about reaching Asia for Jesus, with an update from David Nicolle in Sri Lanka.

Love Asia – 5: Thomas Robinson and the GOD TV team in Chennai present testimonies from viewers across India whose lives have been transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Special Guest Speakers

Nathan Morris is a British evangelist who heads up the global outreach known as Shake The Nations. He has held Gospel crusades in different nations and is dearly loved by the GOD TV family for his uncompromising messages on the Blood of Jesus and The Cross. Nathan became known during the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival televised on GOD TV in 2010 when Gospel singer Delia Knox got out of her wheelchair. GOD TV has since captured many more miracles through this healing evangelist and Nathan has spoken at GOD TV Celebrations. We’re believing for great harvest across the 10/40 Window as he speaks on Love Asia.

Nasir Siddiki was born into a Muslim family and has an amazing testimony of how God touched his life as he lay dying in hospital. After his immune system had shut down and doctors could not help him, he cried out, “God, if you’re real, don’t let me die!” In his darkest hour, Jesus appeared beside Nasir’s bed and said, “I am the God of the Christians. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Those brief moments in Jesus’ presence left Nasir miraculously healed and from that day his passion has been to serve Jesus. Watch Love Asia to hear more about this miraculous testimony that is such a witness to people of different faiths.

Asia For Jesus

GOD TV’s emphasis on Asia in July also includes coverage from the Asia For Jesus Kingdom Culture stadium event in Taipei, Taiwan in 2014 – a mass gathering that aimed to equip the nations to release the power, presence, and culture of Heaven, with top international speakers and local Chinese-speaking ministers.

Asia For Jesus – 1: Heidi Baker of Iris Global who speaks on To The Secret Place.

Asia For Jesus – 2: Bill Johnson of Bethel Church is in Taipei, Taiwan to speak on Jesus Came to Reveal the Father.

Asia For Jesus – 3: Pastor Ewen Chow talks on How Do We Manifest The Heart Of God.

Asia For Jesus – 4: Bill Johnson speaks on the Kingdom Culture of Leadership.

Asia For Jesus –5: Bill Johnson talks about the misconception that God exists to send disaster, teaching from Psalm 67, which describes God as a loving Father who wants to bless his Children.

Asia For Jesus – 6: Pastor Jonathan Chow explains The Journey Of A Vision/Dream.

Become a Modern Day Media Missionary

The only way we can effectively reach the 10/40 Window is through increased evangelistic outreach and this is where media can play a huge role. Via the airwaves, GOD TV is able to go into homes where believers meet behind closed doors and strengthen their faith. It is also where people of different faiths, who are searching for truth, may stumble across our programming and hear that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that nobody can come to God except through Him.

Support GOD TV’s outreach into the 10/40 Window by giving to Love Asia today.



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