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Love Israel and the Ministry of End Time Prophecy

V’Ahavata Yisroel is Hebrew for Love Israel.

Love Israel and the Ministry of End Time Prophecy
Love Israel and the Ministry of End Time Prophecy

Israel is a nation that is central to world history as well as future prophecy. Never has there been a time where one city has such a focus. The national headlines nightly speak of what is happening around the world, ultimately with some connection to Israel. Several ministries have sprouted up to help not only Jews but those on the outside of the area, understand what the Bible says about the end times. Love Israel is one of these ministries. They provide an emphasis on the Jewish context of scripture.


Dr Baruch Korman

Dr R Baruch is a lecturer at Zera Avraham Institute that is in Israel. He holds a PhD in Jewish Studies and has taught the Bible for over 30 years. He appears on a Hebrew teaching program, Pdut L’amo that began in 2013. The program began airing in the English language in 2014. That ministry is now called Love Israel. It broadcasts in Israel in Hebrew and across the world through satellite and cable TV in English, Spanish, Dutch, and other languages.

Love Israel Ministry

Love Israel was founded to help those of Jewish heritage understand what the Bible says about end-time events; the Rapture, Armageddon, and other fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy.

    • Books – The ministry offers many prophetic books and study guides to understanding the Bible. These tools are a “cognitive effort to present scripture, emphasizing the original context and cultural sensitivities so that those of Jewish descent might also appreciate the message of the Gospel.”
    • Videos – One popular method used is video streaming lessons similar to the study guides on the Books of the Bible and what they have to say about G-d and His plan for salvation through Yeshua as well as what the future holds for the nation of Israel.
    • GOD TV – Love Israel is available On-Demand as well as part of our Live programming via our website and on DirecTV channel 365. It airs on Sundays at 2:30 AM; Tuesdays at 3:30 AM and 10:30 AM; and on Thursdays at 2:30 AM.

One popular video series is a 34 video teaching on 6 DVDs from on location in Israel. Each Bible teaching is on location from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ashdod, Mount Karmel, Bethesda, Jericho, and many, many more! Every teaching will serve to encourage you to visit Israel and discover the splendor of the Land and its people.

Arise Zion: The Israel Tour

GOD TV has announced its 25th anniversary Israel Tour in March 2020. This exciting 9-day adventure around the Holy Land is jammed pack with guest speakers, experts on Biblical history, and the land Yeshua walked Himself.

The Bible comes to life, and you will fall in love with Yeshua like never before. Guides say that the hardest part of the visit is getting folks back on the plane to go home; they fall in love with the land and do not want to leave. You can book your reservation today and get ready for the experience that will change your life forever.



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