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6 Ways to Love the People Around You Better

6 Ways to Love the People Around You Better
6 Ways to Love the People Around You Better

Our guest blogger, Ella Connolly is a student with a passion for writing. She blogs about faith, life and crafts and above all else is a follower of Jesus. Ella shares how to love others more effectively.

6 Ways to Love the People Around You Better

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. ” (John 13:3)

Jesus makes it clear: love is a big deal. As loving others is a commandment, we should consider how we can intentionally show love to the people in our lives.

Here are a few suggestions of how we might love the people in our lives better…

  1. Celebrate other’s successes

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own projects and to-do lists that we don’t take time to properly celebrate with our friends. Did they get a new job? Start a blog? Finally get round to clearing out the loft? Ok, maybe not the last one. But whatever your friend achieved this week, why not take some time to let them know you’re proud of them and celebrate by taking them out for dinner or a coffee?

2. Send them handwritten notes

We’re all used to emails and instant messaging, so having a friend take the time to carefully craft a letter is really meaningful. Let them know that you’re praying for them, find a quote or some scripture you think would encourage them, grab your favourite pen and get to work. If you have a way with words this can be a really rewarding, fun process for you and it’s also an opportunity to get creative.

3. Pray for them

No matter how much we appreciate our friends, no one loves the people in your life more than their Heavenly Father. If you’re trying to figure out how to love your friends better, why not go to the greatest source of love there is? Praying with our friends is a great way to show them that we’re standing with them, believing for breakthrough and blessings in their life. There’s power in a community which stands together in prayer.

4. Be present

One way to show a friend love is simply to turn up. The best friendships are the ones which are present through the more practical, mundane activities; minding their child so they can have a date night, running errands for them, helping them move into a new house. Sacrificing our own time and energy and being there when our friends need us strengthens our friendships and builds trust.

5. Learn how to say no

Whilst we want to extend love to our friends, it’s important to know when to say no. Sometimes it can feel that everyone’s asking a lot of us, and whilst it’s great to show love where we can, friendships which demand more energy or time than we can give aren’t healthy. To avoid burn out, find a way to balance helping out your loved ones and also finding time for yourself. If you spread yourself too thin, you won’t be a good friend to anyone.

6. Learn the love languages

The best way to love your friends is to figure out how they receive love. Not all your friends and family will feel loved in the same way. There are five love languages – Acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time and gifts. You can take a quiz to determine your love language and encourage your friends to do the same.

How do you plan to love the people in your life better this week?

This article was written by Ella Connolly who is an English and Drama student at Exeter University in the UK. She is an avid reader and writes even more, blogging about faith, life and crafts at Ella’s Scribbles.



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