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Unconditional Love

Overcome judging through grace!

Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love

What focus ought we to have in order to make love real to those we meet daily? How do we love them unconditionally and further dismantle our strongholds of sin? Put another way how are we: “to love without conditions” the people in our lives?

It is helpful to ask what sorts of conditions exist that keep us from loving unconditionally the people in our lives? There are many, but “Do they deserve my love?” is the strongest condition I can think of that stops us from loving people. It is often tied to revenge or “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” (Exodus 21:24) mentality. The idea being that people ought to get what they deserve because it is only fair.

Taking Offense

When I start to wrestle with and take offense at the boundary violations or hurts others have visited on me when I look for reasons to love, then this path can easily lead towards judging, self-pity, anger, resentments, unkindness and a lack of love if I’m not careful.

A quick and easy way to put such judging to death is to ask myself: “Do I want to be gracious to the guilty party?” Or ask: “Do I want to love them unconditionally?” If I answer yes to these questions, then the judging shackles fall to the ground as grace flows into me enabling me to do an act of love with God’s grace. That touches the life of someone I was tempted to formerly treat like an enemy instead.

This is not done through minimizing what the guilty party did or didn’t do. But it is done because we know about and experience God’s grace or unconditional love each day. And we want God’s grace for everyone not just ourselves. God’s love inspires us to love unconditionally. The fewer sin strongholds in our lives the stronger and more likely this strategy is going to help bear love.

Identifying Strongholds

There are many strongholds against love besides judging. These include compulsive laziness, jealousy, wanting things to be fair, self-pity, anger, conceit, pride, and using people. When such blocks are dealt with then love can and will blossom more fully.

The only way to growing in love involves repenting in wise, genuine and caring ways. When we get unhealthy stuff that is sinful, negative, mean, intolerant, jealous, and manipulative triggered within us (while interacting with any person) then such attitudes are doorways to change when we know how to pray.

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