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Loving People Through Prayer

Loving people is not just saved for Valentine's day we can love and pray for people year round!

Loving People Through Prayer
Loving People Through Prayer

Love is frequently the topic of conversation during February due to Valentine’s Day being the main event. From jewelry commercials to candy in heart-shaped boxes, the thought and idea of love permeates our culture during that first half of February.

Love All Year Long

But what if we focused on love all year long? What if we took the principles of love and put them into practice during the month of June? Or September? Every day of the year? I don’t mean romantic love. I mean the kind of love that causes us to truly appreciate someone else. To be kind, to sacrifice self, give to others, and desire good things for someone else. Not just in our families, but in our workplaces, schools, churches, and communities.

That is exactly what this year’s theme of the National Day of Prayer (which took place yesterday) was calling us to do. LOVE ONE ANOTHER is not just a theme for a day of prayer. It is a calling to each of us to put into practice principles of love every day. Our families need us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Our workplaces need us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. America needs us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. The world needs us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. It is a high calling, and one that has the potential to change not only our own personal circles, but America and the world.

The National Day of Prayer has passed, but that does not mean the theme needs to pass us by as well. Join with others to pray for America and ask God for a LOVE ONE ANOTHER movement in our families, workplaces, cities, towns, states, and nation. Cry out to God with us all year long!

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