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Meet Lydia Marrow: Worshipper, Preacher and Prayer Warrior

Lydia Marrow has a passion is to see lives changed by the truth of God’s Word and the reality of His presence through worship, she is also a great preacher and prayer warrior.

Born and raised in revival, Lydia has an amazing God-given gift to take people into His presence. Her songs of worship have touched lives the world over, including GOD TV viewers. “Wherever Lydia leads worship the presence of God fills the room,” says GOD TV CEO, Ward Simpson. However, Lydia is more than a singer/songwriter. She is also “a minister, prophet and preacher,” as Ward describes her in the video above.

Watch this episode of Today With Ward as he talks to Lydia about her life growing up in revival, her love of God and her new album. Lydia is also often by seen on Throne Room Prayer on GOD TV with Lila Terhune who is building a new intercessory prayer network focused on taking people into God’s Throne Room.

GOD TV viewers first met her as Lydia Stanley, during the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile, Alabama with Pastor John Kilpatrick and Evangelist Nathan Morris. That was in 2010, when we saw extraordinary healings take place, including the remarkable testimony of Delia Knox who got out of a wheelchair after 20+ years and returned to testify walking in stilettos! Each day, we were tuning in to see God at work, through the ministry of Church of His Presence and Shake the Nations and Lydia was on keyboards, singing her heart out for hours at a time – on LIVE television!

Thinking back, it’s amazing she had the confidence to do that as a young woman, considering how daunting  LIVE TV can be. However, Lydia just took it all in her stride! Not surprising really since she grew up in the Brownsville revival and received her call to ministry there at age 12! There was something about her youthful boldness and obvious passion for Jesus that was infectious and still is. People are drawn to Lydia’s music and albums. These feature beautiful songs of worship including ones she has written: ‘Oh what my eyes have seen’ and ‘Shekinah Glory.’ Her latest albums is entitled ‘Forever More’.

Lydia graduated from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in 2004 and became worship leader of Church of His Presence where she led worship for seven and a half years. Then, when the Bay Revival overflowed to other cities across the USA, she joined Shake the Nations and has ministered alongside Nathan Morris ever since. It was through Shake the Nations that Lydia met her husband, also named Nathan! She and Nathan Marrow, an Englishman from Yorkshire, have a son, Malachi and another child is on the way.

Lydia lives in Florida, where she and her husband serve Shake the Nations around the globe. They travel regularly to the UK to see family and Lydia has ministered in many British churches. She led worship at GOD TV’s Summer Celebration in Plymouth some years ago and was recently back in Plymouth for Call For Prayer, praying for viewer’s needs. It’s wonderful to see how she has continued to serve God faithfully over the years and you will be blessed as you experience her ministry.










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