Lydia Simpson miracle surgery

Lydia Simpson’s Miracle Surgery

How God uses doctors today, especially ones that pray!

Lydia Simpson’s Miracle Surgery

When a tumor threatened facial paralysis and the inability to speak, Lydia Simpson, wife of GOD TV’s CEO, Ward looked to Jesus. Thankfully, God gave her a medical miracle that amazingly enough, was recorded on video. This is her extraordinary story.

If you have a medical condition be encouraged. If you’re trusting God for His intervention in your situation then draw hope from Lydia’s testimony. First and foremost we trust God for healing as He is the Great Physician. He can heal any condition and He also uses doctors to bring healing into our lives. It is not for us to question how God will move in our situation, but to trust Him wholeheartedly. This is what Ward and Lydia did and overcoming this battle took great faith.

As UK Evangelist, J John said to Ward, “We are going to pray for God to take it out, or for you to find the right doctor to cut it out!”

Can you imagine the stress of having a massive growth in your head? Consider the urgency to have an operation to remove it as soon as possible. And, despite this, having the strength to let a camera crew come into your hospital room and film you at your most vulnerable. This is what Ward and Lydia did and because of their bravery, you are now able to watch this inspiring documentary.

“This was one of our most complex cases ever…”  said Dr Ryan Osborne of the Osborne Head and Neck Institute who led Lydia’s surgery. “It’s not just a little bump, it’s an iceberg and we are only looking at the tip of it. This is a deep-seated tumor, surrounded by facial nerves. Just to get it out without injuring the nerves is a feat. Trying to remove and reconstruct and make her look normal is another feat.”

Watch Lydia Simpson’s powerful story of the miraculous recovery that confounded her surgeons.  “There’s no science that explains her quick recovery,” they said!

Watch Now on Youtube

Today with Ward – Lydia’s Miracle Surgery Part 1
In the first episode, Ward and Lydia talk to her doctors, Ryan Osborne and Jason Hamilton of the OHN Institute who document God’s healing power at work.

Today with Ward – Lydia’s Miracle Surgery Part 2
The second part of Lydia’s miraculous story features the must-watch documentary (above) of her surgery performed by Doctors Ryan Osborne and Jason Hamilton of the Osborne Head and Neck Institute.

On a further episode of Today With Ward, Ward continues to chat to Doctors Ryan Osborne and Jason Hamilton about the OHN Institute and its medical missions. They regularly take groups of surgeons to places where surgical miracles are most needed. In March they will go to India.

Also, Bishop Mark Chironna joins them in the studio to discuss how medicine can complement trusting in God. “The hands of a doctor can be as much moved on by God as the hands of a pastor who lays hands on the sick,” he says. “I can’t differentiate between an answer to prayer at times to God choosing to use medicine / surgery to bring healing. It’s all healing.”

“Jesus said, ‘Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.” (Mark 5:19)  Thank you Lydia, for sharing your story with others to give them hope.

Watch the Lydia Simpson testimony now on Youtube. And, be sure to subscribe to the GOD TV Youtube channel for more from GOD TV.




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