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Making A Difference: The World, As We Know It

What does the world mean to you?

Making A Difference: The World, As We Know It
Making A Difference: The World, As We Know It

In this day and age, we live in a world full of desires. The world, as we know it, appears to be dark and dying. God created this earth for us to enjoy, and for there to be life in which we could all thrive and produce good things, glorifying Him.

How did this turn? What has happened that we have come to this place?

We see on the news today, so much violence. It is everywhere, with the ever-increasing reports of abuse against His precious children.

I have asked myself, “How do we change this, and is there really any hope?”

I am here to say, “Yes! Yes, there is hope!”

Everyday that we live is another day we can make a difference. We can overcome evil with good, as there is nothing negative about our God.

We must first ask ourselves, “Where does my treasure lie? Is it in Him, or is it in the world?”

Walk with me through my thoughts and some select biblical Scripture, as I look at the world, “The World, As We Know It” and I ask you, “What does the world mean to you?”

You Can Make A Difference

The realm of possibility does exist in each and every one of us to make a difference. Having the ability to make a difference and not allowing yourself to try, is like having a muscle and making a decision not to use it. This, in time, can cause atrophy.

As a nation, and even in the world, we have developed this problem. We need to come “together” to make a difference. It’s time to decide that what is happening in this world, does matter. We need to decide what it is that each one of us can do to “make this difference”.

Is it so far fetched to believe that just one person can make a difference? Is it so hard to believe that a simple act of kindness will not help?

Do you realize the power of just “passing on” a good deed that is given unto you? Do you realize the significance of what that might, also, have on others?

We live in an incredible world with many souls, and there are many who are struggling. I am here to explain one simple fact and that is this, we are all here and we must all learn to live here, together!

The Choice Is Ours

We can each make a choice to do good, or we can choose to do the opposite. I want you to recognize that you do have a choice; but, I also want you to focus on this key point… Is your choice to do good or not?

With all the indifference in this world, there should be one commonality, and that is, what we can each do to make this world a better place, for us all!

I want you to consider what that means to you. I want you to re-evaluate your life and consider what it is that you think you can do differently. What can you do that would be good for not only yourself and/or your family; but, for others, too?

You see, the world, as we know it, does appear to be dark and dying; but, the root system is very much alive!

We can make a difference! Simply ask yourself, “What does the world mean to me, and what am I willing to do to make that difference?” And then, be willing to try.

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