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5 Easy Ways to be More Likable and Make New Friends

Simple tips to help you find your people...

5 Easy Ways to be More Likable and Make New Friends
5 Easy Ways to be More Likable and Make New Friends

Ways to be More Likable and Make New Friends

Who doesn’t want to make friends and have people like you? We all want to be likable and we all have this underlying need and desire to be included, to be a part. Each of us may express this desire in different ways. Yet, deep down, all of us want to be embraced.

Here are the top 5 ways to gain friends:

…your smile brightens any room you walk into.

1. Smile

As simple as it sounds, the smile is a powerful way to make people like you. Why? For the simple fact, the smile simply communicates to another person that you like them and they make you happy. The smile – your smile, brightens any room you walk into.

…put yourself out there to do things for other people

2. Greet People With Enthusiasm

Most people love to be greeted with enthusiasm filled with anticipation. Think about how a dog greets its owner after returning from a trip or a day at the office all excited. Generally, the dog is excited, because it’s happy to see its owner and wants attention. It’s been said, “A dog makes his living by giving you nothing but love.” If you want to make friends, put yourself out there to do things for other people that require thoughtfulness, time and energy.

…the name, which makes all of us unique

3. Remember Names

Names are huge! Remembering the individual’s name increases likeability. It’s the name, which makes all of us unique, distinguished. When we remember someone’s name, especially after the first time being introduced or early in the relationship it communicates that you actually care about him or her.

…listen twice as much as you talk

4. Be a Good Listener

Be genuinely interested in other people. Listen twice as much as you talk. When other people share or discuss what they are interested, in it makes the listener more likable. Ask people to tell them more about themselves and remember to fight the urge to interrupt. Wait 3-5 seconds to speak, once they’ve stopped communicating and then take your turn.

…think about the other person’s perspective

5. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do For You

Think about the other person’s perspective, interests or what it might be like to walk in his or her shoes. What are their interests and hobbies? What do they enjoy talking about? Talking about their passions and interests makes you agreeable. If you’re going into an interview or being interviewed, a great idea is to research the individual who’s interviewing and find out what interests them. Then at the time of the interview, you’ll have some commonalities to discuss. Remember, to always be sincere. It’s not necessary to lie or pretend to be someone you’re not, to be likable. Be you, while considering the other person and their needs.

Now Run with it!

Remember these 5 simple points in communication will help increase your ability to develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Practice each of these examples with friends and strangers alike. Your social skills and confidence will increase significantly. Only God knows what He will do through simply befriending those He brings across your path. Have a great day!

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