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10 Ways to Make Jesus Famous #MJF

Meditate on how good God is to you, then brag about Him big time!

10 Ways to Make Jesus Famous #MJF
10 Ways to Make Jesus Famous #MJF

Anyone who knows me will know that one of my favourite hash tags is #MJF standing for Make Jesus Famous. I 100% believe that this is my mission in life. “But isn’t Jesus already famous?” you might ask, and yes I would agree, He is in some places, but even so, doesn’t He deserve all the attention?

There are some parts of the world that have never heard of Jesus. For example, I know there are regions of Eastern Europe where, if you mention the name Jesus, they will immediately think you’re talking about a footballer. Therefore I’m going to be obedient in the mission to Make Jesus Famous and I know the Bible is clear that God cares more about our obedience than our sacrifice.

I also know I am not the only one called to do this. I think this is a calling to all Christians. I believe we are all called to make the Name of Jesus known to our world (family, friends, work etc), community, town, city, country and to the ends of the earth.

But how do we make Jesus famous?

There are many practical ways of doing this and they’re all important, but I think a good starting point is in our one to one alone time with God.  That’s why I’ve made it my first point. I hope you will be inspired by these top 10 ways to make Jesus Famous:

1: Spend alone time with God just listening to Him. Remember we have two ears and one mouth so use them in that proportion. God wants to speak to you, He longs for it because He is love. When we are in love we just want to spend time and talk to that person we love. The scriptures say that what God whispers to us, we will shout from the rooftops. What is God whispering to you to shout from the rooftops? Anyone can shout, but if it’s from God it will truly make a difference and that will make Jesus famous.

2: Do things in Secret. The secret place is where it’s at. I think God wants us to get more excited in our private time with Him than in public. He will reward us in public for what we do in secret. Whether that’s fasting and praying, being kind or being generous. It may go unseen by the world but not by God and I think the greatest reward is getting to play a small part in being used by Him to build the Kingdom of God! When you do this, you will see God’s Hand over your life and that will make Jesus famous.

3: Lift up the Name of Jesus. Lift up the Name of Jesus in your own heart and you can’t help but lift Him up in the world. If we lift up the Name of Jesus He will draw people to Him. Our job is to lift up Jesus, to be unashamed of Him, no matter what, and He will do the rest. We don’t draw the crowd, He does and when He draws people to Himself, they will see how irresistible He is and that will make Jesus famous.

4: Talk about the goodness of God. Take time out and meditate on how good God is to you, then brag about Him big time!

5: Be the same person on stage and off stage. Yeah, sure your message will make Jesus famous on stage but off stage will do it more! I always make sure that wherever I’m asked to speak, that I stay behind to talk to people. Not one person is better than another. This will keep you grounded and it’s where the real ministry is. If we are not the same person up close, we will only hurt people and repel them from Jesus as it’s a bad presentation of Him. I remember hearing a quote like… “People are not bored of the Gospel but they are bored of a poor presentation of the Gospel.” I think humility is the best presentation of the Gospel as God gives grace to the humble and that grace will get us to places we don’t deserve or places we could not get to on our own. It gives us a platform to make Jesus famous.

6: Transparency. We are in a generation that is fed up with lies. They want the truth and they can see through things that are false. People can see right through you, if your full of it. So be transparent even when it’s hard. If you let God He will turn each trial into a triumph, each wound into someone else’s healing, each test into a testimony, each mess into a message! So maybe what you went through had a bigger purpose to make Jesus famous. Keep it real, be the real deal.

7: Be faithful. God looks across the whole world for that faithful person who is prepared to be used by Him. So trust Him and don’t give up on what He has called you to do. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

8: Serve. Don’t try and change people, just serve them and Jesus will be made famous. It’s not by our strength or might but by His power and one of the most powerful ways I’ve seen this is by loving God and loving people. I have found the best way to love people is to serve them. The last will become the first. This reminds me of one the most beautiful images ever: Jesus washing His disciples’ feet and telling them, “if you want to be greatest in the Kingdom you must become the least.”

9: Be the promoter not the the boxer. A good promoter will point everyone to the boxer. Promoters are not usually well known but boxers are. I think sometimes we try and be the boxer, trying to fight our own battles and want Jesus to be our promoter when it should be the other way around. We should be like any good promoter or extra in a movie and go unnoticed as we point to the star, Jesus. I am just thankful I get to be in the movie at all.

10: Last but not least, be willing and be available. Be ready to do whatever God asks you to do because when you follow Jesus and become a true disciple your life will only point to Him.

Thank you for reading this. My beautiful wife and I had a vision a few years back that we were standing on a stage wearing T-shirts with ‘Make Jesus Famous’ printed on them. So, we will soon be launching an online clothing line called MJF Clothing. Part of the profits will go to charities, missionaries and ministries as we have it in our hearts to partner with people to make Jesus famous as well as to tackle poverty as we believe it’s the heartbeat of God to help the least of these.

Even though this will be cool, we see it more than a clothing line but as a mission and movement for Jesus. When people wear these clothes they will make Jesus famous in their own world. We’d love it if you could pray for us as we launch. In the meantime #MakeJesusFamous

This article was written by Steven McLeish

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