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Man With Disability Amazingly Plays Piano To Worship God

Man With Disability Amazingly Plays Piano To Worship God
Man With Disability Amazingly Plays Piano To Worship God

A man’s disability did not hinder him from praising God with his incredible talent as a pianist playing his beautiful rendition of ‘Is He Worthy!’

Talented Pianist With Disability

Bart Gee was born with a disability called Arthrogryposis. It meant that he has weak muscles and stiff joints. Doctors said he “would never walk and they didn’t even know if I would have the strength to sit up.” Moreover, they added that playing the piano was impossible for him because no-one knew if he would even have the strength to press a key down. But despite what the doctors told his family, they believed God for a miracle.

Then at five years old, Bart broke the limits. He started to play the piano and was gradually able to do more and more.

So today, he has managed to become an amazing pianist despite his condition. What’s more, he can play sports like table tennis, billiard, swimming, and has completed three triathlons. He can drive a car as well!

And in a video he shared in December, Bart did a piano cover of Chris Tomlin’s ‘Is He Worthy.’ It’s not the first time, though, because he records many worship covers on his YouTube channel.

Breaking Limits

The pianist with a disability is touching lives not just with his music but on regularly sharing his story with the world. He guests on Christian speaking engagements sharing how God turned his disability into a possibility.

In his ‘Is He Worthy’ cover, many were blessed and encouraged. A user attested how Bart’s music encouraged him amidst these trying times. Todd Turbett wrote, “Bart, In the crazy times we are experiencing your music helps soothe the mind, the body and the soul. Thank you.”

What an inspiration to all those who are feeling down and discouraged today. God is good!

Reference: Faithpot

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