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Man With Cerebral Palsy Earns A Bachelor’s Degree Against All Odds

Nothing is impossible with God

Man With Cerebral Palsy Earns A Bachelor’s Degree Against All Odds
Man With Cerebral Palsy Earns A Bachelor’s Degree Against All Odds

Seth Walker is a Bible major student who fulfilled his dream of earning a bachelor’s degree on May 4, 2019, at Lipscomb University, Nashville overcoming unthinkable obstacles.

Seth Walker

Seth was born not breathing and with no heartbeat. After 30 minutes of resuscitation, the doctors and nurses were finally able to revive him. Because of lack of oxygen to the brain for such a long time, Seth was left with a permanent disability called Cerebral Palsy.

Seth’s condition disables him from walking or doing simple, every day tasks such as eating, getting in and out of bed, or dressing himself without assistance. It is an incurable condition which renders many dependent on 24 hour care.

“It can be severe or mild and can affect any area of the brain, from muscle control to speech to cognitive skills. My cerebral palsy is in the middle. It affects my muscles, not allowing them to work correctly, but God has blessed me with a sharp, bright mind.” He said.

Attaining a College Degree Despite His Disability.

With determination, Seth expressed his desire to earn his college degree. With confidence in their son, Seth’s parents looked for the perfect person who could assist Seth getting to classes, making his way around campus, and living life as a student.

Then they found Ken Brasell, who was coincidentally praying and asking God for a life of purpose helping others.

“As I was praying, my computer dinged showing I had a notification from my church’s Facebook page,” Brassell said.

The journey of the two began. The pair quickly became great friends, meeting every day at 8 am sharp before going to class. “I am his hands, his feet, and his voice… If Seth has a question in class, I raise my hand and ask the question for him,” Brassell explained.

Saturday, May 4, 2019, Seth Walker and Ken Brassell walked across the stage together, after five years of being together; their hard work had paid off.

Now, Seth plans to continue growing his faith and knowledge at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Seth’s life is an inspiration and offers encouragement to anyone encountering roadblocks in the way of their dreams: Our disabilities, our shortcomings, failures or hardships, do not disqualify us from doing something extraordinary. Nothing is impossible for those people who are willing to pursue the dreams God gives them. Share this to bless others!

This Article Was Written By Joyca Togonon

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