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Man With Down Syndrome Proves Stereotypes Wrong

"I’m proud of him the same way he is proud of me"

Man With Down Syndrome Proves Stereotypes Wrong
Man With Down Syndrome Proves Stereotypes Wrong

A man with down syndrome proves all the stereotypes about him wrong by raising a son who is now 21.

People expect those with down syndrome to be dependent on other people their entire lives. They often believe they can’t achieve anything at all. But recently, stories of successful people with this condition have been brought to the limelight to inspire everyone! This includes a Syrian dad who proved that people with down syndrome can raise a child.

Man with Down Syndrome

The 21-years-old Sader Issa revealed how his dad, who has down syndrome, has worked hard to provide a normal life for him. He shared in an Instagram post how his dad has been a good husband and father for their family.

“Keeping a career for more than 25 years. Being a husband for 23 years. Supporting your kid and being a dad for 21 years. These things are surely not easy to achieve, couldn’t be prouder of you,” the third-year dentistry student wrote.

Sader’s father, Jad, worked in a wheat factory to provide for his family in hopes of giving his son a normal life. Jad is well-loved and respected by everyone in their community because of his unconditional love for them.

Proud father and son

Jad has always been proud to have a son, that will soon be a doctor. Moreover, Sader is also proud to have him as his father.

“If I could choose who my father is, I wouldn’t think of someone else and I’m proud of him the same way he is proud of me,” Sader said.


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Every life matters

Jad’s life proves that people with down syndrome can live a normal life and can raise a family of their own. He shows that every life matters and was created by God for a purpose.

“For many people, the idea of a woman being pregnant with a down syndrome baby may be the worst scenario. You can expect a possible number of people that will resort to abortion. If my grandmother was convinced of this idea, I wouldn’t be here with you,” Sader said.

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