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Manna From Heaven

Fresh Bread Daily

Manna From Heaven
Manna From Heaven

When Israel was in the desert wandering to their promised land, God fed them with manna from Heaven. This was fresh every morning. We too need fresh manna from Heaven each day in order to face the battles of that day. Old manna will not do for today’s battles. We need to be charged each day with fresh manna. God will provide us with fresh manna each day.

When we read His word believing for a fresh revelation or listen for His voice, we become empowered. Praying in tongues is another way to charge your spirit. I find this to be automatic now for me to pray in tongues. You can also ask for the interpretation so you understand what you are praying. It is direct communication with God the Father, spirit to Spirit. We will then know how to operate from our place in Heaven where we are seated in Christ (Eph 2:6).

Manna For Us Today

When we operate from above we walk in the Spirit and by the Spirit. When we walk in the flesh we operate from below and become compromised in our walk. This is why our battles are all in our minds. The only way out is to pray in the Spirit which is a quick way to bypass our mind. In the Spirit, we listen to the Holy Spirit who is in us and is our Helper. He will communicate God’s mind to us. We receive revelation and our minds are transformed by the Spirit.

God has not left us alone to walk the straight and narrow way. The world promises a lot but gives us only temporary pleasures. God gives us eternal pleasures that last forever. Come and feast at His table and eat His manna daily and be refreshed in body, mind, and spirit.


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