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Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen: Eternal Life

Your Choice Makes A Difference

Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen: Eternal Life
Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen: Eternal Life

You are called – this is a line in the Gospel of Matthew (22:2 – 14) that Jesus used to illustrate the fact that the invitation to come to the wedding was sent out to many, but few chose to accept the king’s invitation. This is the same today where many are satisfied with their way of life and don’t see a need to follow Jesus.

Jesus promises salvation from sin resulting in eternal life but few want to follow Him. How blind are people to not see the pearl of great price. Eternal life is forever but because we can’t see it, we reject it. The pleasures of this world keep us blind and bound to a sub-standard life. We think what we have will last forever. When death knocks at our door, it may be too late to change and be saved.

Will You Hear The Call To Life

Jesus came to save us from the rot of this life. The devil promises much, but sadly it is only a temporary state of illusion. This illusion that we call life will disappear as fast as it has come. An illusion is a false perception. We buy into this illusion by surrounding ourselves with things. These things appear to give us satisfaction. However, the deep longings of the heart can never be satisfied with these things.

When these things fail to satisfy then suicide is seen as an option. The death culture is seen around us through suicide and euthanasia. This is an easy option but this is not what we were created for. Our destiny is in God but we choose hell. God created us for a purpose but we choose to ignore this and live for ourselves. What a sorry state we are in where hell becomes our destiny. Turn now and be welcomed to His banquet table and feast for eternity.


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