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“Songbird Supreme” Mariah Carey Shares How God Saved Her Life

“In the middle of a violent storm, very young, I was given a glimpse of God's vision for me."

“Songbird Supreme” Mariah Carey Shares How God Saved Her Life
“Songbird Supreme” Mariah Carey Shares How God Saved Her Life

“Songbird Supreme” Mariah Carey recently shared how God saved her life in her new book The Meaning of Mariah Carey.

“Songbird Supreme”

The Guinness Book of World Records referred to Mariah Carey as the “Songbird Supreme” and everyone recognizes her as a legend in the music industry. She first rose to fame in 1990 with the release of her self-titled debut studio album.

As a celebrity, Mariah’s life has been open to the eyes of the public. But, it was only recently that the 50-year-old singer revealed her relationship with God. In her new book titled The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, the artist opened about her encounter with the Holy Spirit and how God saved her life.

Holy Spirit Encounter

After encountering the Holy Spirit during her younger years, her faith in God was awakened. However, it was put to test many times as she rose to fame in the music industry.

The pop-star emphasized in her book that it was God who saved her life countless times. Mariah shared that it was “God’s grace” that saved her from her dark experiences during her childhood.

Mariah Carey

In 1993, Mariah released a song titled Anytime You Need A Friend. It was only recently that she revealed that it was a reflection of her relationship with God.

“I wrote that song thinking of what God would say to us in times of fear,” Mariah noted, saying it was rooted in spirituality.

God saved her

After leaving a four-year marriage that seemed to be a prison to her, God again saved her. Her back-up singer and friend introduced her to a church that helped her rebuild her life.

“After I was broken, I received a blessing. The trouble and trauma I endured were not only emotional it was spiritual as well, as such, but I also sought to heal for my soul. I knew I had to revive and recommit to my relationship with God,” she confessed. “I’m eternally grateful to have met my pastor, Bishop Clarence Keaton, when I did.”

Relationship with God

The pop-singer found a family through her church community that helped her grow in her relationship with the Lord. The Meaning Of Mariah Carey ends with Mariah sharing about the true meaning of her life.

She quoted the scripture, “For I assure you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, Move from here to there, and it will move, nothing will be impossible to you. Matthew 17: 20.”

“In the middle of a violent storm, very young, I was given a glimpse of God’s vision for me and as a child awakened to my dream. I believed with my entire being in what I was meant to do and who I was meant to be, long before anyone else did, and holding on to that belief required everything I had,” Carey said. “Along the way, I was given signs of hope, but mostly I faced chaos and calamity, heartbreaks, and betrayals to derail me, some almost killed me or worse, almost killed my spirit.”

“In the end, and in the beginning, it’s all about faith for me. I can’t define it, but it has defined me.”

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Reference: The Christian Post 


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