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There’s No Better Salute Than To See Marines Worship

These brave men caught on camera share 10,000 reasons like you've never heard it before

There’s No Better Salute Than To See Marines Worship
There’s No Better Salute Than To See Marines Worship

A  troop of US marines from the School of Infantry – East has been featured in a viral video recorded at Camp Geiger in North Carolina. As you watch the marines worship you can see how powerfully they offer the ultimate salute to God.

The School of Infantry (SOI) is the second stage of initial military training for enlisted US marines after recruitment training. Aside from combat and infantry training, SOI also focuses on the wellness of each trainee as a whole. They have various recreations, including weekly worship services and Bible studies. The video uploaded to Facebook was taken during one of the weekly worship services.

10,000 Reasons marines worship

In the video, you can clearly see the comradery as the marines worship the Lord. Many of them have their arms interlinked as they sing ’10,000 Reasons.’ Perhaps this display of unity is why the video has had almost a million views and hundreds of heart-warming comments!

“Very beautiful. Thank you all for your service. Keeping us safe. May God be with you all,” one of the comments reads.

“Nothing gets you more pumped for contributing to our freedom than connecting with the Lord,” Korina Rose said in her comment on the video.

“Thanks for sharing this, what a beautiful sight to see our strongest of men in the country STANDING STRONG FOR OUR SAVIOR, JESUS,” stated on another comment.

It is such a refreshing and empowering feeling to see these brave men worshipping Jesus!

This video reminds us of the thousands of army personnel who gathered last Easter Sunday at Doughboy Stadium in Fort Benning, Georgia. They were another great example of brave men worshipping the Lord and experiencing the ‘Reckless Love’ of Jesus Christ! Read: Thousands of Army Personnel Worship Jesus At A Service That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

This post was written by Rhoda Gayle.

Reference: Facebook | Eva Rose Laurico-Palmada Jones

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