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Here’s How Child Star Mark Stevens Went From Drug Addict to Worship Leader

Fame is fleeting...

Child Star Mark Stevens Went From Drug Addict to Worship Leader

This is the story of a desperate child actor, searching for anything and trying everything to fill the void inside—the void that can’t be filled by fame or fortune. But this story—unlike so many others involving child celebrities—has a happy ending.

Mark Stevens, an Australian singer, songwriter, actor, and worship leader now based in the U.K. is eager to share his story of redemption and hope. In a recent interview, he explained how he stumbled into God’s presence—drunk, high, and empty. In God’s presence, he quickly became lucid and awestruck.

Here is Mark Stevens’s Testimony…

At the ripe young age of 13, Mark achieved widespread notoriety on Young Talent Time. His fame tripled as he stared in Neighbors at the age of 17. From the outside, his life was sunshine-y, and his fame seemed to light the way to an even brighter future.

But by the age of 16, he was a full blown alcoholic and drug addict. Even worse, he was estranged from his parents, his siblings, and even himself. I’m going to die if I keep living this way, he thought. He was extremely insecure, simply “trying to make sense” of his reality. He even began to have suicidal thoughts. For years, he continued to suffer quietly.

One night, he showed up to a friend’s party four hours late, at the end of his rope. Standing next to him was his drug dealer and another shady character. His friend let them all into the house, and his two companions began to shoot up heroine in the bathroom.

Horrified by what was going on in the house, Mark’s friend pulled him aside to confront him. Like a true friend, she intensely questioned him, “Mark what are you doing with your life?” She watched in stunned silence as this young man, who from an outsider’s perspective seemed to have “the life,” slid down the wall, cupping his head in his hands.

Mark’s Answer?

She listened intently as Mark replied, “I don’t know anymore. I’m lost.” But the next part of his response shocked both of them: “I think I need God.” This startling admission was completely out of character for the young actor, who always muscled his own way through life.

What happened next is nothing short of divine. “The room filled with the presence of God and I began to weep. I had my knees in my arms and I looked up. ‘Oh God,’ I shouted, ‘I’m sorry!’ I just wept and wept. It was the most amazing moment.”

After Mark Stevens finished genuinely apologizing for his sins, he met Jesus. Looking back on this profound meeting, Mark’s eyes shine: “It changed my life.”

True Healing

The next day, Mark Stevens waited for his nicotine and alcohol cravings to set in.To this day, they never have. Mark experienced a seemingly impossible, immediate cessation of addiction: “All the addictions I had left me. I was set free!”

Nevertheless, many continue to struggle with addiction even after becoming a Christian. To such people, Mark affirms: “If you call out to God, he’ll save you. Just once. He’s there.” It’s not so much that addictions vanish, but their power seems miniscule when compared to God’s mighty hand.

Our God–the Creator of the entire Universe–intimately cares for and meets the needs of all who call His name.

An Ambassador for Christ

Mark’s ministry reaches far beyond his personal testimony. Today he is a worship leader at Abundant Life Church in Bradford, England. In the video, you will see Mark sing his song “Thank you”–addressed, of course, to Almighty God.

“In your Son I’ve found the very thing my heart cried for. Forgiveness and one who understands me. Thank you for all you’ve done.”

The humble prayer of thanksgiving from a repentant soul is music not only to our ears–but to God’s.

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