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Max Lucado Amid Coronavirus: “Choose Faith Over Fear, Ask God…”

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Max Lucado Amid Coronavirus: “Choose Faith Over Fear, Ask God…”
Max Lucado Amid Coronavirus: “Choose Faith Over Fear, Ask God…”

Max Lucado, pastor, and author of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas is encouraging Christians to respond in faith over fear amidst novel coronavirus spread worldwide.

The New York Times bestselling author told The Christian Post, “We’ve never lived in a time like this. This is unprecedented.”

A Group Of Elderlies Worship And Pray In The Middle Of Coronavirus Outbreak

He then said to turn to the Bible.

“I think this a time where we need to be feeding our faith,” he said. “If you feed our faith, your fears will starve. If you feed your fears, your faith will starve. Our tendency is to feed our fears. We have to do intentional things to feed our faith.”

Max Lucado On Guarding Your Thoughts From Negativity

Furthermore, Max is encouraging every believer to choose faith and guard themselves against thoughts that will stir fear within because of negative headlines.

“When I turn on the news this evening, I’ll hear somebody say things are getting worse. If I don’t guard myself, I’ll let that create a sense of anxiety that will fill my heart, and then I will purvey that to the world,” he explained.

“We think that just because we have a thought, we have to think it,” he added. “We don’t have to receive it. There are lots of lies out there and falsehoods distributed right now, in the form of exaggeration, like, ‘We’ll never get through this’ and other overstatements. We need to guard against those things because they can suck us down.”

Make Every Thought Captive To Christ

The evangelical pastor pointed out what Paul the Apostle said to the church of Corinth in his letter found in 2nd Corinthians to “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

“This means, we hear that thought, and then we pray: ‘I know it seems things are getting worse, but Lord, you are in control, and I’m not going to surrender to that. I give my fear to you,’” described Max. “Instead of allowing anxiety into my heart, faith goes into my heart so that later, what I say is, ‘Things are tough, but I believe in a good God and He’s on the throne.’ I become one who purveys hope instead of fear.”

Focus On Jesus

And Max highlighted that instead of consuming one’s thoughts being fearful and worried, he urges every believer to look unto God. He encouraged them to ask God, “Lord, what are You saying to me during this crisis?”

“I believe His message is both personal and global,” emphasized Pastor Max. “Some of us need to hear something individually. For example, I sensed the Lord was telling me, ‘Max, don’t depend on the economy.’ It could be that God is telling people, ‘Don’t trust entertainment for your fulfillment.’”

He continued, “Who would’ve foreseen empty sports stadiums? This feels like a science fiction novel. It could be that some of us need to hear the Lord saying, ‘Quit making an idol out of these sources of pleasure. Come to me for fulfillment.”

“Go to the Lord, ask what He’s saying, and then say, ‘How can we be used by you? How can we serve others?’” he advised. “It’s not easy because of social distancing. But we can text and call people, drop gifts off for someone, we can get creative, especially with the vulnerable.”

Turn To God’s Word For Guidance, Max Lucado Encourages

Most importantly, Max Lucado said that one should focus on the Scripture in order to know how to respond in times of crisis. And he perceived Jesus providing the perfect example.

“If you want to know how Jesus responds to a global calamity, we can look at the way Jesus responded to the fact that 5,000 men women and children had no food, and how he fed them,” he said. “Want to look at the way Jesus responds to the evil specter of death? We can see how He responds when Lazarus died by raising him from the dead.”

In times of adversity, Max stressed that Christians should choose to “keep our Bibles and hearts open” more than ever before.

Source: The Christian Post

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