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May Christ Be All And I Be Nothing

Advancing the mission through song!

Members of Grace Worship united together, but separately, last week to record a “Home Edition” of “Christ Be All,” the title track of their new EP, releasing on April 24, 2020, from Grace Worship and The Fuel Music.

Before Jesus went to the cross, He prayed that His church would be one. Grace Worship desires to write and share songs that advance this mission through theologically rich and creatively beautiful art. By pulling from the heritage of Christian hymnody and integrating the church songs of today, the worship team hopes to make much of Jesus’ unifying mission through music that equips the church for worship across generations.

This unique blend, reaching across many generations and musical genres, is especially captured well in “Calvary’s Anthem.” The new single features lyrics from Robert Lowery’s classic hymn, “Nothing But the Blood,” along with verse lyrics to accompany its traditional Appalachian melody by Grace Presbyterian Church pastor Dr. Bryan Chapell. Additional melody, chorus and bridge is supplied by worship director Kevin King, who also sings the song and orchestrated the piece.

Kevin shares, “With brilliant brass, sensitive strings, and a powerful band, this track centers on Christ’s interceding work on the cross that causes hell’s hold to cease and frees us to a life of joyful worship.”

Christ Be All

Drawing on its 150-year church history (Grace Presbyterian Church) to bring a multi-generational focus to Christ Be All, the EP is centered on Jesus’ prayer in John 17 for the body to be “one,” honoring this rich heritage of Christian hymnody, while also incorporating modern anthemic choruses and pop hooks.

Kevin adds, “In light of a world that has suddenly become very isolated, Grace Worship still desires to be a family of worshipers that serves to unite the church to treasure Jesus. This ‘Home Edition’ of ‘Christ Be All’ is an effort to show that the church can still be one together, commune together, be creative together and love Jesus together, even amidst uncertain and lonely times. We pray that this video is an encouragement to people everywhere that Christ is for you, and His work in you is not done.”

“For ‘Christ Be All,’ we are connecting with the historic and renowned words of Andrew Murray as we seek to have the worshiper understand through song that it is to our joy to ‘become nothing’ (Philippians 2:7), as Jesus did; to lose our lives so we can find them in Him,” Kevin continues.

“Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.” – Psalm 29:2

Grace Worship explains that each person on Earth is created to worship: “Our hearts are designed to love what we treasure, and as Christians, we worship because of the provision of Jesus Christ, who makes us worthy of worshipping Him.”

Christ Be All incorporates words from Andrew Murray’s classic book, Humility, and is meant to help worshippers express, along with the Apostle Paul, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20), as they sing, “May Christ be all and I be nothing.”

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