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Meet The Billy Graham of Latin America, Luis Palau

PALAU, the movie about his life has just been released

Meet The Billy Graham of Latin America, Luis Palau
Meet The Billy Graham of Latin America, Luis Palau

Evangelist Luis Palau has been preaching the Gospel since 1955. A movie about his life and ministry covering the 1940s to 1960s has just been released. Movieguide says, “PALAU shows the struggle Christian missionaries faced during Communist uprisings, and how the Good News of Jesus can transcend any worldly ideology.”

Making hard decisions to follow the call of God on his life, the movie shows Luis Palau arriving in America to pursue seminary education and his encounters with Billy Graham. IMDB says, “This is a true story of a man who was born in a small town in Argentina, committed his whole life to the works of the Lord and embarked on an incredible journey becoming one of the greatest evangelists in history.

“The legacy of Luis Palau and what God can do with a willing heart will inspire people of faith for generations.”

Millions of people have responded to the Gospel through his ministry

Billy Graham was an inspiration to Luis, becoming a mentor and friend and then helping launch Luis into full-time evangelistic ministry. Luis’ son Andrew said, “Mr Graham gave him that vision or that confirmation by the Spirit from a distance and then later by God’s grace, he gave him some advice and some help that was critical along the way.”

Andrew later said, “This movie doesn’t glorify Luis Palau. It’s an honest look at how many of us are all the same. We wrestle through the same battles. But we also can have the same victories if we take the principles of the Bible to heart.”

Evangelical Focus reported Luis as saying, “I never considered myself a special person, I was just a child from a livestock town in Argentina, but God took my heart at an early age and chose to use me to share his Good News in an extraordinary way. Now, more than 65 years later, I have had the joy of guiding millions of people to publicly confess their faith in Jesus Christ. From princesses and presidents to criminals.”

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