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Meet The Man By The Well

What Kind of Love is This?

Meet The Man By The Well
Meet The Man By The Well

Based on John 4


There on a dusty road

He waited for her

The son of God on heavenly mission

Still he waited for one.

Not to mock & belittle

But to water her thirsty heart.


Dazed & confused, she mused

Could it be?

Could my wretched heart be loved?

Could my lost soul be saved?

Could my dastard mind be schooled?

His words overshadow her failures

His light chases out her darkness

And He does it million times over.


What kind of love is this?

Not a soul deserved it.

Yet He lavished it on every soul.

The last nail on His cross

Still echoes the cry of His love.


And He waits again

On your lonely dusty road

Waiting to show you

His love is inexhaustible.

He knows you walked this road before

Failed & gambled again.

But would you try again?

Drag yourself to the well.


Meet the man, the son, the friend, the savior

The father, the advocate, the judge

The mystery that brings clarity

The beauty that blinds out your misery.


For it is not over for you

It is never over

Not when an empty tomb sits here.

By golly, what a Savior we have.


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