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Mikayla Has Down Syndrome But It Hasn’t Stopped Her From Being In Beauty Pageants

She is the first contestant in history, with Down's, to take part in Miss USA

Mikayla Has Down Syndrome But It Hasn’t Stopped Her From Being In Beauty Pageants
Mikayla Has Down Syndrome But It Hasn’t Stopped Her From Being In Beauty Pageants

In 2017, Mikayla Holmgren (24) from Stillwater, Minnesota became the first woman with Down syndrome to compete in the Miss USA beauty pageant showing that disability needn’t stop anyone from shining.

Mikayla has always been an athlete, and a dancer and in 2015 entered her first beauty pageant winning the title of ‘Minnesota Junior Miss Amazing’! Then in 2017 the student from Bethel University in Saint Paul, joined the Miss Minnesota USA pageant at the age of 22.

Despite having Down syndrome, she became so confident and earned two awards. She won the “Spirit Of Miss USA Award” and “The Directors Award.” Now Mikayla is preparing for Miss Amazing 2019 in July!

“Down’s doesn’t define me” – Mikayla Holmgren

“I want the world to know that Down syndrome does not define me…With your help, I can help break through walls”, Mikayla once wrote on her GoFundMe page.

“I love being on stage, mostly as a dancer. I choreograph my own dances,” she says. “I am an advocate for individuals with Down syndrome.”

It’s amazing that Mikayla has become an inspiration and a role model for people with Down’s as well as an encouragement to all who lack self-confidence.

Mikayla as a beauty contestant

With her many talents, big smile, and confidence Mikayla made history in the USA beauty pageant / Miss Universe contest. Having special needs didn’t stop her from achieving things that some may think were impossible.

“She’s an ambassador. She’s going to be a leader and stand firm for others that maybe don’t know how to achieve things,” Mikayla’s mother, Sandi Holmgren said.

Mikayla proves that everything is possible if you put your mind to it and that nothing can hold you back from shining on whatever platform God gives you in life.

She will soon participate in Miss Amazing, which provides opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to build confidence and self-esteem.

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