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Ministering From The Heart Brings Transformation

Ministering From The Heart Brings Transformation
Ministering From The Heart Brings Transformation

Jesus ministry was always from the heart. Many minister from the head. Head knowledge is information while heart knowledge leads to transformation.

Many do not understand the revelation hidden in Jesus’ words. Many took what He said literally when He said the temple will be torn down and rebuilt in three days (Matthew 26:61). When one thinks and communicates knowledge it results in information and head knowledge. Revelation, communicating with the heart, is received at a heart level. We are all spirit beings and our spirit will only receive as spirit communicates with spirit.

The art of heart communication

The art of communicating to the heart means to be operating in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will gives us the words and images to communicate from the heart to other’s hearts. This is why it is so important to be filled by the Holy Spirit and to overflow in Him. He is able to express Himself through us as we surrender to His leading and prompting. Signs and wonders follow those who minister in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

A true test of heart ministry is the manifestation of signs and wonders. Jesus spoke and signs followed Him. He turned water into wine. He raised the dead and gave sight to the blind. Another true test of ministry is transformation. When lives are transformed then you know that the Holy Spirit is ministering through the believer.

Choosing the better thing

Knowledge is good, but information only changes thinking. We can be filled with knowledge, but until it becomes heart knowledge it remains at the head level. Some ministries are sadly built on information sharing. Many Christians continue to struggle to live a victorious life, but remain unchanged. The blind cannot continue to lead the blind. The Church needs the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s not be content with operating in our heads, but enter into His promises of abundance now!

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