Ministry In Dumps Leads Government To Provide for Workers | God TV

Ministry In Dumps Leads Government To Provide for Workers

Ministry In Dumps Leads Government To Provide for Workers
Ministry In Dumps Leads Government To Provide for Workers

During our mission trips to Nicaragua, we make surprise visits to the dumps. One day we went to a dump outside the town of Masaya. When we arrived, we noticed a procession of vehicles with news cameras and many official-looking people. We didn’t pay much attention to this group because we knew that Jesus was wanting to do something great that day.

Our team spread throughout the dump and began loving people, praying for healing, singing songs with messages from God over people, working in the trash with them, and even washing the feet of some people who had just finished their work for the day. Four of my teammates and I prayed for a man named Juan Marcos, who had been blind in his right eye for ten years. After we had prayed for him four times, his sight was completely restored.

That day, many people on my team said that they’d been giving people messages from God predicting they would get better jobs. The officials and news cameras left after about 45 minutes. I found out later they were from the Department of Health and Safety for the government and had come to investigate the dump to close it down. This made me a bit sad because the people who worked there would be displaced, and the meager jobs they did have would be taken from them. Yet God was at work!

That next Sunday, April 14, as we were ministering at a friend’s church, the man running sound called me over to share a testimony. He said then when he and his wife were watching Channel 12 News the night before, there was a report about the Masaya dump. They showed our team in the dump and even included a shot of me doing flips into the trash.

The report said the government was going to close the dump, but because of the way our team had loved and noticed the people who had been overlooked by society, they were going to create new jobs for all the people working in the dump!

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