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Ministry Of Angels

How to employ angels in our daily life.

Ministry Of Angels
Ministry Of Angels

Angels are ministering spirits. They were created to help the saints in fulfilling their mission. And they surround us and help us. They are waiting for our command to do what we need to accomplish. Angels complain that they are bored because His people are not aware of their help. We need to look at angels to help us in all situations. They are our helpers in the spirit world.

Angel Ministry

When we intercede for others we can send the angels to deliver the answers to our prayers. When we are discouraged we can ask the angelic spirits to come and comfort us. The ministry of angels is vital to the life of the believer and for the Church. Send healing angels to minister to the sick. Our ministry is a spiritual ministry and we need spirit helpers to accomplish them. When we rely on our own strength then we become tired and discouraged. God has provided us with helpers to accomplish His work.

There have been many instances when I have escaped danger because of God’s angelic messengers. Situations that were dangerous and incidents that would have been disastrous were avoided because of His spirits. They need to be acknowledged in their help. When we realise the benefit of ministering with them we become more reliant on them. Call on them to help you in every situation.

Angels Are Helpers

Angels are sent to help the saints. Imagine a servant always ready to serve. So also are His angelic messengers to us. They need to be employed. Why do we neglect the ministry of angels? We do so because of the lack of knowledge. Just as the Holy Spirit is our Helper so also are the angelic spirits. Today call on them to help you. See the difference in your daily walk. See how signs and wonders will follow you as you seek their help in your ministry.

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