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Finding Faith-Filled Miracle Hope During A Fearful Season

Finding Faith-Filled Miracle Hope During A Fearful Season
Finding Faith-Filled Miracle Hope During A Fearful Season

Did you know that the Holy Spirit works powerfully in an atmosphere of FAITH?  Right now all over the globe as many circumstances are swirling in a completely opposite direction, one that is fueling fear, worry and panic, the Holy Spirit is simultaneously breathing on the Body of Christ a new wave of faith-filled miracle hope!

With this faith, He is breathing a renewed HOPE and great CONFIDENCE. No matter what is happening all around us in the natural,  His character will never change and we can rest in our heavenly Father!

Faith In Jesus In The Midst Of The Storm!

God gives us an incredible picture of this in Mark 4: 35- 41,  when during a bad storm on the Sea of Galilee, while the disciples are in a state of panic and fear,   Jesus is calmly at rest in the boat!  Jesus wasn’t just physically at rest he was SPIRITUALLY at rest. He was one with the Father. Jesus knew that in the midst of this storm, His Heavenly Father was in total control. He also knew He could be trusted in every circumstance! 

And just like in that storm many years ago, as the “coronavirus storm” has now been hitting the globe, Jesus is truly calling us to that same place of rest, inner peace, and oneness with himself.  He is releasing the grace for faith and hope in the truth that Jesus  is SO incredibly with us and that we have nothing to fear!

Miracle Of Hope In The Midst Of The Storm!

miracle healingBe encouraged that more than ever Jesus loves to demonstrate His consistent miracle-working power even in seasons such as this!

A few months ago, a young woman was in a horrible car accident. She had been confined to a wheelchair had a dream that she would one day walk.  She came to the revival meeting with expectancy. As she began to respond to the Spirit of God,  in faith and hope, she got up and started to take her first steps since the accident!  She immediately began to cry and feel the presence of God giving her an injection of faith-filled hope.  

The reality is that God is doing miracles all over the earth. Yes, even in the midst of the storm!  May we look for the daily opportunities to declare the powerful message of faith and hope we find in Christ. The world is desperate for something – let’s give them Christ!


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