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Mom Of 3-Year-Old Credits God For Saving Her Daughter’s Life

Mom Of 3-Year-Old Credits God For Saving Her Daughter’s Life
Mom Of 3-Year-Old Credits God For Saving Her Daughter’s Life

A mom of a 3-year-old girl credits God’s help for leading her to find the correct diagnosis of her daughter’s odd behavior, which eventually saved the toddler’s life.

Mom Finds Daughter Weak And Gloomy

One day, Leilani, the 3-year-old daughter of Maria Garcia of Plant City, Florida, suddenly became weak. She constantly fell down and was shaky whenever she tried to walk. The mom became worried, and shortly after, the mystery illness brought Leilani to the hospital amidst the pandemic.

A mom credits God for saving her daughter's life

“Literally feeling helpless, you know, because there was nothing you could do. And when we got to the hospital, there was literally nothing that they can do,” Anthony Patrignani, Leilani’s father, recounted.

Maria then tried to find out about her daughter’s illness by searching online. And she found a condition that fitted the symptoms of her daughter’s disease. The mother then asked the doctors if her daughter had insulinoma, a type of pancreatic tumor.

With The Help Of God

“I bring it to the doctors and they were like — they had the same thought, like, ‘Yeah, it sounds like it,’” she said. “And I figured it out, I don’t know how, with God’s help.”

The doctors advised Leilani to undergo scanning for the tumor to find out her real condition. However, “the problem was they had to find it. And there’s no one that can actually do that except for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.”

So they went. But halfway through going there, restrictions due to COVID-19 stopped them.

“We got a phone call saying, you know, we can’t do the approval because of COVID,” the father recalled.

The family had no choice but to wait for months, all the while Leilani’s condition worsening.


Finally, on Christmas Eve, the 3-year-old went in for surgery. True enough, doctors found insulinoma in her body, and 40% of her pancreas had to be removed.

“I’ve only done about 20 or so of these operations in children, and she is the youngest one,” Leilani’s surgeon, Dr. Scott Adzick, said.

“She may be the youngest patient ever recorded to have an insulinoma,” the doctor added. “There’s a saying that I use that if you save a child, you save a lifetime, and I think that applies to this little girl.”

Today, the little girl is getting better each day, and the parents are grateful for the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Praise God for His healing!


Reference: Faithpot

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