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‘Light The Fire Again’ In Less Than A Week!

We are calling out for revival fire in this nation once again!

Light The Fire Again

People are being healed! Marriages are being restored! Addictions are being broken! Teenagers are fired are up for God! Pastors’ hearts are being mended as they are saturated in God’s manifest presence and they more intimately feel His love for them like never before! Thousands of testimonies like these spread like wildfire around the world and drew people by the thousands to Pensacola, Florida night after night for over five years.

The buzz about revival is ramping up once again as word gets out: the Christ for all Nations (CfaN) revival in Africa, Brownsville Revival, Argentine Revival, Toronto Blessing, and other history-making movements of God are about to converge in Pensacola, Florida. Hunger for revival is being stirred into anticipation of what God is going to do at the Pensacola Civic Center on September 4-7.

Hunger for revival feels and sounds like: “I want more of You, I need more of You.” To this, God’s answer is always “Yes.” And, sometimes an important part of that “Yes” is God drawing us to unite our heart cry with the heart cry of thousands of others in a particular place at a particular time. Sometimes it involves being a part of a mighty roar of thousands of people crying out together, “We want more of You.”

“You just can’t forget that kind of meeting.”

This is because personal breakthrough often comes when we spontaneously break out with other people in celebration of God, or fall to our knees in the stillness of His tender presence at the same time as other people do, or break out in a corporate battle cry when we suddenly have an impartation of faith that what seemed impossible is actually available right then and there through Him.

One pastor who brought his family and church members to the Brownsville Revival multiple times recently said, “It gave us a greater hunger for an awakening in the world. You just can’t forget that kind of meeting.”

– Renee Allison

Come and join us September 4-7th for an event that’s more than just another gathering. It’s a time to remember what God has done and restore our calling as sons and daughters to see Him move in power and fire again.


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