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Mother’s Day – Celebrating Our Mothers Who Carry Life, Love And Promise

Motherhood is a significant God-given role... Mothers are our life-givers!

Mother’s Day  – Celebrating Our Mothers Who Carry Life, Love And Promise
Mother’s Day  – Celebrating Our Mothers Who Carry Life, Love And Promise

Mother’s Day is about celebrating our mothers, which is something we should do every day, not just once a year!

Mother is a word that has been synonymous with life in every generation or culture that has been brought into existence since the beginning of time.

In Genesis 3:20 “Adam named his wife Eve because she was the “Mother of all living.” 

The name Eve means ‘Life-giver.’  It’s a beautiful gender-specific title and it holds a significant God-given role.

Mothers carry life

In spite of the Fall and all that was lost in it, the treasure of Human life came forth from Eve. Her womb was going to be the house that carried humanity, held the future of mankind and from conception, the seed of future generations would be given safe passage in the chambers of her innermost being. What a beautiful picture of grace and privilege but it’s also an incredible expression of divine design, for no man can be the womb which brings forth new life.

Mothers carry love

The love that mothers carry is not defined by religious belief or cultural expression. A mother’s love comes from the DNA of all that they have been created to be under the banner of God’s love.

The Hebrew language provides beautiful insight into the attributes of a mother’s heart. The word mother means “strong water” in Hebrew. This is a picture of strength and flowing life and it is God’s foundation for true motherhood. So how does God see a mother?

She is an oasis of life, with a dependable and abundant supply of water.

Mothers are women of covenant promise

The Hebrew language also describes a mother as the one to whom faithfulness and truth are attached and she is the ‘giver of life’ to the covenant. She labors in the Word and covenant prayer with God. No matter how things look in the natural, she presses forward to see the establishment of that which God has promised to her, for her children.

Motherhood is not a label and the celebration of it is not just another opportunity for a commercial marketing occasion in the calendar.

You only have to stand for 20 minutes and watch at the ‘Mother’s Day’ supermarket flower stand, where grown men, little children, sons and daughters deliberate with emotion, to choose the exact blooms that will express what they feel inside for their mom. The footprints of a mother’s love lives forever in the human heart.

Mothers experience joy and pain

Nothing prepares you for the joy and pain of motherhood. I have raised two boys; it’s the hardest thing that I have ever done. It’s been the source of my greatest joy and my deepest pain. The bringing forth of new life brought with it a new set of internal structures that I had no idea lived inside me until the day I held my first child. For 18 years since then, the overwhelming love and sense of responsibility for human life, which became ingrained upon my heart the moment I watched him take his first breath, have been immovable within me.

I was not prepared for the depths of pain and anguish that came into my heart when over a period of 15 years, I watched my youngest son face five life and death, brain surgeries. I would have gladly given my own life if I could just take the pain of his own journey from him. There were years of hospital bedsides and long recovery journeys, which could only be upheld by the depths of the relentlessness love that I felt for him as his mother.

Mothers let their children go

Mothers hold on to the knowledge that one day, they will let their children go

The call to give our children ‘wings’ is the final expression of a mother’s love. It’s the only love in life where you start with the vision of letting go.

Successful motherhood is about the ability of your children to rise and live beyond you.

Mothers understand that they are called to unselfishly and continually sow life into their children and raise them in the foresight of their destiny. The goal of seeing them become all that God has created them to be is never far from a mother’s heart, but when the moment comes for them to let their children go, it still feels like their hearts will break.

This beautiful pain is not the end of the relationship but the beginning of God’s future for them as adults. It’s job done and as mothers entrust that which they have loved so greatly into faithful God’s hands, they can rejoice in the glory of the journey.

So here we have a glimpse into why mothers are so special and why the celebration of motherhood is so important. Moms make incredible journeys on behalf of those they love. We have all come from a womb so no matter where you are or where your mother is, take a moment to stop and thank God for the womb that bore you, the breasts that gave you milk and release a blessing upon your precious mom.

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