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Mountain Of Education And The Power Of Your Words

The Mountain of Education

Mountain Of Education And The Power Of Your Words
Mountain Of Education And The Power Of Your Words

This week, I am still dealing with the power of your words. By now you are beginning to see that your words truly have power. What would it look like on the mountain of education? I’m almost certain you’ve had some experience with someone who works in education. This person most likely made a significant difference in your life, either positively or negatively. Educators have an awesome responsibility in shaping the lives of future leaders. The words that they speak over the students that enter their classrooms will either move them towards their God-ordained destiny or away from it. Teachers must speak with a hopeful vision and accuracy. 

Mountain Of Education

The mountain of education is essential in establishing the direction of those who will contribute to the next level of societal greatness or the next degree of social decay. When teachers and educators speak, they have the capacity, like God, to declare those things that be not, as though they already are. They can help strengthen hope in a generation that innocently looks forward with expectancy (see Romans 4:17). Students who are challenged by fears, not knowing their potential for greatness, can be elevated to that place God has anointed them for. However, it requires teachers to look beyond what is to what can be. 

I’ve had a number of teachers who have seen the potential in me and have done wonderful things to inspire me to reach for things I never thought possible. Because of them, I dare to become, rather than relegate myself to the least common denominator. 

Mountain Of Education: Speaking Honestly

Speaking accurately about the lives of students is just one area of establishing a hopeful future for the next generation. Another area in speaking accurately comes by speaking honestly about history. We are living in a day and age when many want to either erase history. On the contrary, others want to change history to fit present-day sentiments about morality. However, acknowledging history teaches us lessons that we can learn from to help shape a more promising future.  

Each generation that is born, is a potential solution to a problem that was presented by previous generations. Yet, if we teach inaccurately about what has happened or choose to ignore what has happened, we inevitably set up another generation to repeat the errors that were not accurately or honestly dealt with.  

Presenting the truth about history in love does not mean candy coating history to appease other’s politically correct sentimental palates. It means that you see what happened with an awareness of the cultural, socio-political contexts of the day in which it happened, and then present how that history has impacted the present. In acknowledging that reality, you can present to a generation how they can speak into the future. This allows them to break the generational curses of that past. This can be done while honorably building upon the foundations that were yet viable for shaping a vibrant future. 

Final Words

The power of the words of teachers can and those on the mountain of education can stir up the wealth of creativity and imagination in a generation that yearns to be more than ordinary. There is something about the youth of today that hungers to be influential, significant, super, and impactful. This cannot happen through fear, anxiety, or panic. Rather, it happens through dreaming of how opportunity can be provided to everyone who has the capacity to hope. If teachers will tap into that through the words they speak, they will one day see the reality and fulfillment of the power of their words. 

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