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Movie Review: “Finding Love in Mountain View”

A love-of-family story that upholds family values for all the right reasons with a touch of refreshing romance!

Movie Review: “Finding Love in Mountain View”
Movie Review: “Finding Love in Mountain View”

A moving story about family, the future, and making hard choices for those you love, “Finding Love in Mountain View” will draw you into the importance of putting family first, accepting change, and letting go of the plans you had for your future for the ones right in front of you.

After learning of her cousin’s sudden passing, Margaret–a successful architect–is surprised to discover she’s been entrusted with caring for her deceased cousin’s two young children. Margaret finds herself torn between focusing on her career and honoring her cousin’s wishes to have the children grow up in their family home.


Movie Review: “Finding Love in Mountain View”

Thrust into the unknown of raising children, Margaret finds herself in her grandparent’s old house cooking breakfast, packing lunches, and picking the kids up from school, all while navigating her career aspirations and contemplating relationships she put on pause. Feeling inadequate and confused, she leans on a familiar friend from the past, Andrew, to help her during this time. Slowly but surely, Margaret begins to find rhythm and enjoyment in her new routine with the kids, Andrew, and helpful friends.

Movie Review: “Finding Love in Mountain View”

But when her boyfriend from back home shows up unexpectedly, Margaret realizes she must decide what she’s going to do once and for all. Will she go back to life as she knew it and focus on her career aspirations, or will she stay and raise the children as her own? In the midst of deciding her future, the children run away from home, and the search to find them begins.

Full of love, sacrifice, and a desire to do what is right, “Finding Love in Mountain View” highlights a familiar journey many go through in life. We make plans for the future and have everything planned out, but then the unexpected happens, and we must decide if we’re willing to risk what we once thought we wanted for the hope of an even better yet unknown future.

“Finding Love in Mountain View”

You can journey with Margaret by watching her story come to life during the “Finding Love in Mountain View” Premiere on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. Tune in on Sunday, September 19th at 9 PM EST/PST.


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