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Muslim Man Praying to Allah Encounters Jesus

His life hasn't been the same since!

Muslim Man Praying to Allah Encounters Jesus
Muslim Man Praying to Allah Encounters Jesus

Sam Khan grew up as a Muslim, praying daily to Allah. As a working professional and practicing Muslim he would go through his prayer routines before going to the office.

One morning, while praying, he began hearing within his spirit, “Jesus.” He started hearing this every day while in prayer. Because of what was taking place spiritually he would drop to his knees, begging Allah for mercy every day. But as he heard the name, “Jesus,” within his spirit and this intensified, he stopped praying altogether.

Then, while there was a lot of turmoil in his personal life, he decided to start praying again. But then the Voice would get louder within his spirit, saying, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!”

The Lord brings a witness into Sam’s life

One day while praying to Allah, his entire being was shaken as he heard within him, “Jesus!” This scared Sam tremendously. Then going to work, a friend and co-worker named Rosie noticed he wasn’t looking and acting like himself. She asked, “Sam, why do you look so distraught?”

He said, “I don’t know…everything is crumbling.”

She then asked, “Well… did you pray?”

Sam answering, “I pray every morning.”

Rosie invited Sam to her Christian church that weekend. And while¬†watching the worship service and everyone around him he was thinking, “These crazy Christians…this is just ridiculous.” After that weekend,¬†Rosie kept asking him spiritual questions about God, Jesus and Christianity at work. Sam says that he knew he needed to give his life completely to God.

One day, Sam prayed, “Jesus, if you are my Savior, then today you need to show yourself to me.”

Watch Sam give his testimony to what Jesus did in his life:


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