Must Watch on GOD TV - 3 Series To Help You Grow as a Christian | God TV

Must Watch on GOD TV – 3 Series To Help You Grow as a Christian

Abba Sessions, Books For Life and The Normal Christian Life.

Must Watch on GOD TV – 3 Series To Help You Grow as a Christian
Must Watch on GOD TV – 3 Series To Help You Grow as a Christian

The Abba Sessions (Wednesdays at 9.30pm)

ABBA Sessions, hosted by Jenny Kutz of Love to the Nations is a brand new series focuses on the children of divorce, helping them come to terms with heartache and loss. Jenny is the author of Abba: Finding Comfort in the Father After Your Parents’ Divorce. The ABBA sessions feature young people whose parent’s have divorced or separated. They share the struggles they faced, along with the victory and love they found in knowing God as their Abba, Father. Love to the Nations exists to share the love of Jesus in word and in deed and to encourage believers to rise up and live the extraordinary life God has called them to live. Jenny lives to see the Gospel spread to the nations and longs for the orphan to know they have a Father. Out of that desire, she founded Abbahouse, a children’s home in Greece. She currently splits her time between supporting this work in Greece and traveling around the world sharing the message of love to the fatherless.

Books For Life – (Tuesdays at 8.30pm)

Books For Life is a brilliant new series for all who love to read. It presents the cream of the crop of the latest Christian books that will help you grow to become the person God intends you to be. Series host, Krish Kandiah chats to diverse authors, highlighting the latest releases. Filmed at Trinity, Cheltenham, authors include: Adrian Plass; Katharine Welby Roberts; Lucy Moore, Bob Hartman; Simon Ponsonby; Les Moir; Paul and Becky Harcourt, Jo Swinney; Alister McGrath and Christy Wimber. “We are yet to find a significant Christian leader for whom a steady diet of Christian books hasn’t played an important part in their journey of faith. So if you are serious about your faith, reading is an investment worth making,” says Dr Kandiah.

The Normal Christian Life (Sundays at 7.30pm)

The Normal Christian Life is an engaging Reality TV series from Brisbane, Australia that will inspire you to go further in God. The series is hosted by Nathaniel Oliveri, who is a passionate evangelist who walks closely with the Lord. He and his wife have an amazing testimony of how God turned their lives around, especially concerning their baby daughter. Nathaniel is part of Glory City Church led by Pastors Tom and Katherine Ruonala and the series contains testimonies, re-enactments and footage featuring members of the church as they go onto the streets to share the love of God. Nathan believes that every Christian is called to imitate Christ which means we must be radical, bold witnesses for Him, our lives full of the supernatural power of God. This isn’t something for an elite few. It’s how the normal Christian life is meant to be! Read/Watch the extraordinary testimony of Nathaniel’s baby daughter Gabriella who is featured on the Normal Christian Life


In addition to our LIVE broadcasts and new launches, you can watch several series which are only available on GOD TV. These include: Today With Ward; Questioning Christianity; UK Regional Update; God @ Work; Throne Room Prayer, God’s Path to Prosperity and others. Feel free to share your thoughts on our programming, email [email protected]

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