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My Inspired World

This Spring watch this film that takes you on a journey through the streets of LA and the homeless epidemic there.

From the producer and director of the documentary “Shattered Silence” airing on God TV comes a new short film about tragedy, forgiveness, purpose, and hope. “My Inspired World” is set to bring its inspiring message to the film festival circuit in the spring of 2019!

How the journey began

“My Inspired World” was birthed out of the stark realization of the great homeless problem in Los Angeles, California – it being one of the top 10 places where homelessness runs rampant. This film takes you on a journey through the streets of LA on foot by way of dark, wet alleys, and graffiti filled underworlds that sadly exist only if your looking for them. But for the 1,000s of people that are down on their luck, this is home and the only home they know.

Carlton (James Frey) is adapting to his painful new journey as a homeless man with just the cloth on his back and a cart full of his past life. He not only strives to survive the hopelessness of his broken life, but he reaches out to lend a hand to others in order to find some sort of beauty in this dark world he finds himself.


Isn’t that the longing in all of us to have a safe place we can call our own? Don’t we all want to be called by our own name; to be noticed and to feel significant? If we cease to care about each other, we cease to be human.

It is hard to have an actual headcount of the homeless population in LA, and it is heartbreaking to see homeless camps or people living under a bridge, or literally not having any corner anywhere to call their own. “My Inspired World” explores this world while at the same time taking you on the journey with Carlton who in spite of all the odds against him, has made the choice to reach out of his own darkness for the sake of others.

Come along

Come with us on an inspiring journey of a nether world not so far away, and not so far removed. It is perhaps just around the bend or just beneath the bridge or just running along the train tracks. Our lives are a balancing act of choices that we juggle with on a daily basis. We must always take the time for the people around us and not be distracted by the false perceptions of our reality.  “Because it’s what we do today that matters the most tomorrow.”

For more information on the release of this film and its film festival journey, contact producer/director Joseph Channell at ‪[email protected]‬.

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