NBA Star Jeremy Lin And His Dependancy God

NBA Star Jeremy Lin And His Dependancy God

Jeremy gets emotional as he talks about God and his career.

NBA Star Jeremy Lin And His Dependancy God
NBA Star Jeremy Lin And His Dependancy God

NBA Star Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is a professional American basketball player with the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was born in California of Taiwanese descent and was raised in a Christian family. He is now an NBA star and is the first Asian American who has won an NBA title. Jeremy is also well-known for his public expression of Christianity.


Jeremy’s major break in his NBA career was when he led a winning turnaround with the New York Knicks in 2012. In that NBA season, a global craze known as “Linsanity” was generated. Right after his contract ended with the New York Knicks, he jumped from one team to another and was able to play for six teams in a span of seven years. The craze over Jeremy ended with a heartbreaking injury in 2017.

Following his recovery from the injury, he was able to sign a contract with two more teams.

Just last season, he was with the Toronto Raptors where he won his first NBA title. But right after winning the championship, the 30-year-old player became a free agent.

Jeremy gave a tear-filled testimony to a room full of Christians in Taiwan where he talked about his career and about God.

“In English, there’s a saying and it says once you’ve hit rock bottom the only way is up, but rock bottom seems to be getting more and more rock bottom for me,” the Harvard University graduate said. “Free agency has been tough because I feel like, in some ways, the NBA has given up on me.”

Completely dependent on God

Even though Jeremy is an NBA star, he has stated that he is completely dependent on God.

“My fear for my career has always been to not be the player that I knew that I could be, and now I’m face to face with that, and I’m at a place where I have no choice but to be completely dependent on God,” he said.


This article was written by Rhoda Gayle

Reference: Fox News

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