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Netanyahu Appoints 4 Ministers


Netanyahu Appoints 4 Ministers
Netanyahu Appoints 4 Ministers

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday revealed the identities of four ministries who will assume the vacant portfolios and will serve as ministers in the coming months until a new government is established after the March 2 elections.

Minister Tzachi Hanegbi of Netanyahu’s Likud party will be appointed Minister of Agriculture in addition to his position as Minister of Regional Cooperation.

Minister Ophir Akunis, a former Netanyahu aid, will be appointed Minister of Labor and Social Welfare in addition to his position as Minister of Science and Technology.

Deputy Minister Tzipi Hotovely will be appointed the Diaspora Affairs Minister instead of her current position as Deputy Foreign Minister. No one will be appointed in her stead.

Deputy Minister Meshulam Nahari of Shas will be appointed Deputy Minister of Labor and Welfare instead of his position as Deputy Minister in the Interior and Periphery Development ministries.

The appointments came after Netanyahu resigned from all of his ministerial positions late last month following a petition by the Movement for Quality Government to the High Court of Justice, demanding that he resign as minister after he was indicted for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.

Besides his role as prime minister, Netanyahu had served as Welfare Minister, Diaspora Affairs Minister, Agriculture Minister and Health Minister. Yaacov Litzman, the previous Deputy Health Minister, was recently appointed Health Minister.

These appointments came after other names were put forward and after others were initially appointed but turned down the offer.

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