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New Age Guru And Vlogger Encounters Jesus

An incredible transformation!

New Age Guru And Vlogger Encounters Jesus
New Age Guru And Vlogger Encounters Jesus

A new age guru and vlogger with hundreds of thousands of followers encountered Jesus after a terrifying vision.

Steven Bancarz was a spiritual guru to his online followers. For him, the numbers of views was an affirmation from God; it gave him a sense of power and purpose in life.

New Age Theology

Despite being raised in a strong Christian family, Steven became obsessed with new age theology. It started as a fascination for aliens and paranormal activity as a teen that led to his question his parents’ belief.

Steven reaped his success in blogging about new age theology and supernatural phenomena. But despite his success, he still felt that there was something that was missing in his life.

“I was miserable, I had depression and anxiety that I was suppressing. Had this ‘spiritual knowledge,’ all of this information and it wasn’t bearing any real fruit in my life. I felt like something was missing, I felt a little dead inside,” Steven said in an interview with The 700 Club.

The Encounter

One night, Steven had a disturbing dream. In his dream, he saw a demon and at that instant, he realized how powerful the spiritual forces are and that he was not in control of as much as he thought he was. After that terrifying dream, he immediately started his journey towards Jesus.

After just a few days, he had an amazing encounter with God that changed his life forever.

“I could feel that He was Lord over me and He was the Lord of all creation, I could feel that He was concerned for me. But I could feel that He was King, I knew that He was King over creation, that the whole universe was under His feet. And the wind was just totally infused with His presence,” he recalled about his encounter.

Watch the video recalling his encounter below:

Aren’t you so thankful that Jesus is not intimidated by anything that we have to bring to the table? Jesus is chasing after every single person and will always meet us where we’re at.


This article was written by: Rhoda Gayle

Reference: YouTube | The 700 Club

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