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New Book, ‘Floodgates’ Brilliantly Pinpoints the Days We Are Living in

David Parsons of the ICEJ reveals where we are on God's prophetic timetable

New Book, ‘Floodgates’ Brilliantly Pinpoints the Days We Are Living in
New Book, ‘Floodgates’ Brilliantly Pinpoints the Days We Are Living in

While many books about the End Times focus on the doom and gloom of complex apocalyptic prophecies, Floodgates by David R. Parsons is different. It brilliantly pinpoints the days we are living in, offering hope to a wide audience of readers, particularly millennials.

The author has served for some 20 years at the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) and has a thorough understanding of the Bible and prophecy, particularly with regard to the Days of Noah, both then and now. Floodgates, which is published by Whitaker House, aims to shed light on the period before the Great Tribulation, known as the End of Days or as Jesus described them as being like the Days of Noah.

Just as Noah was given 120 years to build the ark, after God’s judgement on the wickedness of mankind, David believes the rebuilding of Israel is an analogy to the ark. This shows God’s long suffering towards the rebellion of the world’s people, giving them the longest possible time to repent.

“The rebuilding of Zion and the restoration of Israel is the greatest sign to our generation, that judgement is coming,” he says.

The author of Floodgates, David R Parsons who is Vice President of the ICEJ.

The ICEJ tends to look at Bible Prophecy on the bright side, celebrating the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland; the restoration of Israel and God’ redemptive process. This makes for fascinating reading in Floodgates as well as David’s analysis of today’s world. 

He expertly discerns man’s moral rebellion as stemming from Darwinian Evolution and how this confuses man’s moral accountability to the Creator leading to idolatry, immorality and violence. It is because of this rebellion against God that judgement is coming upon the earth. However, as with Noah there is a righteous remnant that every believer living today can be a part of.

As David examines the Days of Noah and looks at the flood references of Jesus, Peter, Jude, Paul and John he reveals how God’s Word remains as relevant as ever in these modern times.

Gordon Robertson of CBN calls Floodgates, “A masterful explanation, with in-depth review of scripture, archeology and history” and Dr Jürgen Bühler of the ICEJ says it is “an excellent tool that will help keep the Church from repeating the mistakes of the past and prepare for the trials ahead.”

As the back cover says, “Floodgates unravels precisely what happened in the Flood of Noah and explains why this important Biblical event is so analogous to our day. By tracking humanity’s moral slide during Noah’s generation, we roll back the curtain on our own times in remarkable ways.

“We also discover a clear Biblical paradigm for determining where we are on the prophetic timetable, based on the actual teachings of Jesus and the apostles. After reading Floodgates, you will know if the countdown to final judgement has already begun.”

Visit Floodgates to order your copy.

David R. Parsons is an author, attorney, journalist, ordained minister and Middle East specialist who serves as a Vice President and Senior Spokesman for the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

After practicing law in his home state of North Carolina for five years, he served as a pro-Israel lobbyist in Washington, DC before joining the ICEJ in 1995 where he is responsible for its public relations and media contacts with the Israeli and foreign press corps, as well as editing its various publications.

Since becoming ICEJ media spokesmen in 1997, he has conducted interviews with journalists from around the world and his commentaries have been published worldwide. David lives in Jerusalem with his wife Josepha, and son Yonathan Amos.

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