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New Kurdish Government Official Swears On A Bible Burnt By ISIS

What a stand for God, restoring the Bible to is rightful place.

New Kurdish Government Official Swears On A Bible Burnt By ISIS
New Kurdish Government Official Swears On A Bible Burnt By ISIS

New Kurdish government official, has been sworn in using a Bible that was burnt by the so called Islamic State group, aka ISIS / Daesh. The report says that he was the first official to do so in the IS-affected region.

Persecuted Christians

Ano Jawhar Abdulmasih Abdoka is the new Kurdistan Regional Government Transportation and Communications minister who was sworn into office on a Bible burnt by IS in the Ninevah Plains. Ano Jawhar is standing in unity with the persecuted Christians in the region that was once occupied by ISIS forces.  He is also fighting for their right  to remain in the region.

“For me, as a Christian, as the only Christian minister in the new cabinet of the KRG, the Kurdistan Regional Government, I decided to swear on a Biblical manuscript, part of which was burnt by ISIS members in the Nineveh Plains,” Ano said prior to the ceremony.

New Kurdish Government

Christians have been affected by the horrible actions by IS against minorities in the region. The new government under Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has cabinet members from different minorities.

“It is a challenge that we as Christians, Chaldeans, Assyrians, and Syrians are remaining in the land of our ancestors,” Ano added. “The Nineveh Plains, Iraq, Mesopotamia, and Kurdistan are our lands, and we are remaining here with the help of our friends in the Kurdistan Region.”

The new government plans on working on regional security, economic reform, and repairing relations between KRG and the government of Iraq. May this new government be used by God to fulfill His will over this land.

Let us all stand together with our persecuted brothers and sister in IS-affected areas in prayer. Let us all pray for the Lord’s protection and security over them. Lastly, let us also pray for peace and unity in all war-afflicted countries worldwide.

This post was written by Rhoda Gayle

Reference: Fox News

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