New Season Of Visions From Heaven Launches With Wendy Alec | God TV

New Season Of Visions From Heaven Launches With Wendy Alec

Join Wendy as she recounts a series of supernatural encounters

New Season Of Visions From Heaven Launches With Wendy Alec
New Season Of Visions From Heaven Launches With Wendy Alec

Wendy Alec’s Visions From Heaven series returns to GOD TV on November 30th with a new season of four episodes. She has also just released her second Visions From Heaven book.

Visions From Heaven on GOD TV

  1. In episode one, Wendy who is the co-founder of GOD TV, shares an encouraging vision that now is the time for a great season of transition, restitution and restoration for the Body of Christ worldwide.
  2. In SOS Lazurus is dead, she talks about those who wonder where God’s intervention is or why terrible things happen. “The Father’s heart is for the believer and He’s never late,” she says.
  3. “God is calling believers out of the wilderness, barrenness and hardship, into His hope and future,” Wendy says. “The enemy has been raging for too long knowing the destiny upon our lives.”
  4. Finally, Wendy shares about Joseph and the manifestation of God’s promises. Joseph’s timing would have seen him released as an ordinary man but God’s timing released Him as one chosen for such a time as this.

Wounded Warriors Out Of The Wilderness

Along with these encouraging episodes, Wendy has also launched her latest non-fiction book, Wounded Warriors Out Of The Wilderness. which follows on from her other prophetic books, The Journal Of The Unknown Prophet and Visions From Heaven Book 1,

“If you have longed for the Father’s answers as your heart has been secretly breaking…find supernatural strength and impartation, immense encouragement and renewed hope within these pages,” Wendy says.

According to the cover of the book, Wounded Warriors is partly a collection of prophetic words from Wendy’s Facebook page. Thousands of followers have requested a hard copy of her Wounded Warrior posts and Visions From Heaven book 2 is the result.

“The posts which appeared over the course of a year specifically recounted very personal, prophetic and seer encounters between the Father, Jesus and Wendy during a time of her intense emotional struggle in the aftermath of separation and divorce.

“Wendy’s heartfelt, personal messages resonated with so many people who have also found themselves in the icy grip of abandonment and heartbreak, facing an uncertain future. A barren wilderness of transition, living day to day in what has seemed to be an eternal winter. And where maybe some aspects of the Church have placed emphasis on other issues and many broken hearts have been relegated to feeling under a veil of shame, this book will bring consolation and hope, joy and focus for the journey out of the loneliness and silence of the wilderness.”

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